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Easy Solutions is the only security vendor focused on the comprehensive detection and prevention of electronic fraud across all devices, channels and clouds. Our products range from anti-phishing an secure browsing to multifactor authentication and transaction anomaly detection, offering a one-stop shop for multiple fraud prevention services.

The 2016 Fraud Landscape Is a Scary Place: Top Fraud Predictions from the Experts at Easy Solutions

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It should come as no surprise that 2016 will be yet another ever-changing and complex year for those fighting electronic fraud. Attacks are getting more sophisticated, some will start to use Read more

Dark Reading: How to Reduce Spam & Phishing with DMARC

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Easy Solutions expert commentary on the topic of how to reduce spam and phishing with DMARC was recently featured in Dark Reading. While email is a mission-critical communication channel for most companies, it has also become an untrusted one. Thanks to spam and phishing scams, users are taught to be wary of incoming messages. This lack of trust impacts a company’s ability to effectively communicate, market, and sell to customers via email. DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) stands to change all that.

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Year in Review: Top Fraud Stories

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Top Fraud StoriesWhile many are looking ahead at 2015, with both relief and some anxiety, we believe its worth taking a look back at the biggest security and fraud stories of 2014, to serve as a reminder of how the fraud landscape has evolved over the last twelve months and what you should be doing to protect your business when, not if, the next security event happens. Read more

Webinar: FFIEC Announces Cybersecurity Assessments. Is Your Bank Prepared?

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dsi-webinarCybersecurity risks remain the same for all financial institutions, regardless of size or resources. The FFIEC recently announced that examiners will be conducting “state of cybersecurity assessments” this summer, specifically targeting community banks. Examiners want to ensure that cybersecurity is engrained into the culture of all financial institutions, and that management is well aware of the risks. This webinar will provide cutting-edge insights into the latest fraud trends, and teach you how to strengthen your fraud program in a way that not only meets, but surpasses compliance.

What You Will Learn:

  • Current fraud trends impacting community banks and credit unions, citing specific examples.
  • Beyond financial loss, what are hard and soft costs incurred after a fraud incident?
  • Available anti-fraud technologies to combat fraud and satisfy FFIEC compliance.

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Satisfy FFIEC Guidance for Social Media with Brand Intelligence by Easy Solutions

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FFIEC Guidance published on December 11, 2013 and effective immediately, addresses mounting risk factors facing financial institutions related to social media. The FFIEC states that all financial institutions should effectively assess and manage risks associated with all activities conducted via social media platforms. These risks include compliance risk, legal risk, reputation risk, and operational risk

US-CERT ALERT: Malware Targeting Point of Sale Systems

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The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) yesterday put out an alert ( on malware targeting Point of Sale (POS) systems, which retailers use to process transactions from consumers.

While POS targeting is nothing new, the threat has clearly escalated to a level that US-CERT felt it impactful enough to issue an alert. And while they offer up best practices for POS system owners to protect themselves and their customers from unauthorized access to their systems, they also recognize that no system is impenetrable. As such, they also offer up consumer tips for individuals to protect themselves if they believe their credit or debit cards have been compromised via a POS system.

At Easy Solutions, we believe POS system owners and financial institutions can take further steps to protect themselves and their customers. While traditional antivirus and firewall systems are useful for protecting against easily recognized threats, which are well-known and for which AV vendors have had the time to write signatures, they do nothing to protect against newer, targeted attacks on systems – often times with new malware being written daily specifically to thwart those systems.

Target Breach Global Impact – Non-US Cards Hitting Black Market

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It looks like it isn’t just American consumers dealing with the fall-out from the Black Friday Target breach.  A huge batch of 500,000 cards from non-US banks, with a big percentage from Latin America, have shown up on the black market for sale.  These “world dumps” fetch a premium and are selling from about $60 to well over $100 per card.

Easy Solutions Detect Safe Browsing Has Been Upgraded

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The Total Fraud Protection team is happy to announce the release of the latest version of Detect Safe Browsing for Windows, our secure navigation solution for online banking on end-user devices. With this most recent upgrade, our customers will be even more prepared when fighting next-generation malware and browser attacks, further extending complete end-to-end fraud management and reducing account takeovers. Read more

Santa’s Security Tips for Cyber Monday 2013

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Image“Black Friday” is once again upon us and millions of Americans will be crowding their local big box retailers in the competitive sport of holiday shopping. For the rest of us who want to score a good deal but have little patience for aggressive mob behavior, there is now Cyber Monday, Black Friday’s kinder, more sedate younger sibling.

However, while the risk of taking an elbow to the head are significantly lessened when shopping from the comfort of your Lay-Z Boy, it hardly means that you’re not vulnerable to (fiscal) injury.

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