By Damien Hugoo, Director, Product Marketing

Damien is a seasoned technology professional with 10 years of experience in creating, building and deploying digital software products for the financial services industry. Today, he serves as product manager at Easy Solutions, where he plays a key role in the creation of the most innovative and comprehensive fraud prevention and detection solutions available on the market.

Phishing Detection

Machine Vs Attacker: Using Machine Learning for Early Phishing Detection

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Seventy percent of the damage from a phishing attack occurs within the first hour of its launch. When it comes to phishing, speedy detection and takedown are crucial in helping organizations avoid hefty losses. Read more


Banking Trojan Trickbot Expands Even Further, Reaches Latin America and Adds Targets in Europe

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The Easy Solutions Security Operations Center has encountered a new variant of the ongoing Trickbot campaign. This variant appears to be adding new countries and banks to its target list. Read more


Banking Trojan Trickbot Targeting Far More US Banks Than Previously Thought

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As we reported at the end of July, the Trickbot banking Trojan continues to expand its reach to hit organizations in the US. Read more

Banking Trojan Trickbot Expands Reach, Now Attacking US Banks

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The Trickbot banking Trojan, deemed the successor to Dyre, has been responsible for man-in-the-browser (MitB) attacks since 2016. Read more


Why Biometrics Remains the Front-Runner to Replace Passwords

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Biometric technology has long been touted as the replacement for traditional passwords, and many security researchers are investing in research into the technology. Read more

SS7 SMS-Based Exploit: A Wake-Up Call to Shift to Stronger Two-Factor Authentication

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Signal System 7 (SS7) is the standard signaling language used to send text messages (SMS) around the world. The technology has been employed in various communication channels for almost 40 years Read more

digital threats

Improved Dashboard Makes Monitoring Digital Threats Easier

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Easy Solutions recently updated its customer portal with the goal of improving user experience and better tracking the effectiveness of our Digital Threat Protection solutions. Read more

Digital Threats

Latest IRS Scam Shows Need for Proactive Defense Against Digital Threats

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A new scam is tarnishing the reputation and image of organizations by tricking businesses and individuals. Read more

SMS two-factor authentication

SMS 2FA Is Dead. Long Live 2FA

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Despite what many believe to be a major inconvenience, multi-factor identification has long been recognized as an effective method of lessening the impactof a potential breach on end users. Read more

New FFIEC Guidance

New FFIEC Guidance: Financial Institutions Must Look Closer at Mobile Banking Security

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If they haven’t already done so—or haven’t done so in a while– financial institutions in the United States will need to take a fresh look Read more