By Damien Hugoo, Director, Product Marketing

Damien Hugoo is a seasoned technology professional with 10 years of experience in creating, building and deploying digital software products for the financial services industry. Today, Damien serves as Director of Product Marketing at Easy Solutions, where he defines the go-to-market and messaging of the most innovative fraud prevention and detection solutions available on the market.
Prior to Easy Solutions, Damien held product management roles at FIS, the world’s top provider of banking technology, where he most recently lead all aspects of product management for 2 online banking products that served over 600 financial institutions in North America.

How to Properly Leverage Mobile for Out-of-Band Authentication

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banner_DIDIn the wake of the most recent FFIEC guidance published in 2011, many financial institutions and service providers have undertaken very expensive and time-consuming projects to replace the traditional challenge questions and answers that they previously used as a security measure. One of the more popular solutions suggested as an alternative was to provide out-of-band authentication via a second independent device. Mobile phones were the natural fit as that independent device, since the typical consumer’s high usage of SMS texting would make it easy to incorporate into their banking routine.

How Do You Stop Mobile Banking Fraud? Addressing Key Security Issues in Mobile Banking

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Mobile banking presents an attractive way for banks to improve their relationships with their customer, serving them wherever they go. But with major security breaches and fraud incidents making headlines, financial institutions are taking steps to address the growing problems of advanced persistent threats and fraud in online and mobile banking channel. Read more