By Daniel Ingevaldson

anti-fraud technology predictions

2017 Emerging Anti-Fraud Technology Predictions

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The threat landscape continues to be ever changing and complicated, and 2017 will be no different. Some attacks that we saw emerge in 2016 will escalate, while new and dynamic fraud attacks will also emerge. As organizations try to stay one step ahead of today’s sophisticated cybercriminals, we will Read more

common misconceptions about probability

Think Like a Bayesian

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Part of the problem with prediction and probability is that a lot of people don’t understand the true nature of probability. The most common misconception about probability is the problem with “causation.” This occurs when a coin is flipped and lands on heads Read more

Swordphish Predictive Phishing and Malware Identification

Beta Now Available: Swordphish Predictive Phishing Risk Technology

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Earlier this year, our Detect Monitoring System team was faced with increased attacks across our customer base. This aligns with the Anti Phishing Working Group’s (APWG) findings Read more

Fraud survey

Beyond EMV: Results from the 2016 Faces of Fraud Survey

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For the third year in a row, Easy Solutions partnered with ISMG Media group to survey business executives from a range of industries to better understand the impact that fraud is having on their business. Read more


What You Need to Know About Google’s Move to Strict DMARC Implementation

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Starting in June 2016, any DMARC-capable receivers will be instructed by Google to reject any emails that do not properly authenticate.
Read more

email business compromise

CEO Fraud Up 270% to $1.2B – Here’s How It Almost Happened to Us

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Earlier this month, we published a post on how scammers tried to impersonate our CEO’s email, to convince our CFO to make fraudulent payments to a compromised account. Now, the FBI has released updated statistics, showing that we are definitely not alone. As Krebs on Security reports:  Read more

New .bank gTLD Launching Today Requires DMARC—Will It Matter?

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After much effort on behalf of a coalition of organizations and individuals to build security requirements around the generic top-level domain (gTLD) “.bank”, banks will be able to register their unique gTLD starting today (June 24). Now it’s up to the financial services institutions themselves Read more

Fraud Intelligence Portal

The New Easy Solutions Customer Portal Streamlines Fraud Detection and Prevention

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We often hear fraud managers being dissatisfied with their current anti-fraud posture and believing that comprehensive protection is overly complicated and overly expensive. Not only is integrating separate solutions from a variety of vendors difficult, costly and time consuming, but oftentimes different services from the same vendor are nearly Read more

How Deep Does the Web Go?

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Like an iceberg, a large portion of the Internet is obscured from easy view. That’s right. It is literally a “hole” new world. This unindexed section of the Internet is dubbed “the Deep Web” and more and more criminal activity is moving away from the light of day and into to the shadowy corners.

Today, the Deep Web has evolved and has turned into an immense information-sharing tool that is making it easier for criminals to do their job more thoroughly. Read more

DMARC Compass Explorer – DMARC Readiness Assessment Tool

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Last November, we launched a new product called DMARC Compass.  DMARC Compass is designed to provide organizations with instant visibility into how many criminals are using their domain to send spam and phishing attacks. DMARC Compass has been a huge success and early feedback from our clients has been extremely positive. Read more