By Fernando Cuervo, SOC Manager LATAM

Fernando is an Easy Solutions engineer who leads the Security Operation Center in Latin America, ensuring the effective monitoring and deactivation of attacks for our customers. He has extensive experience in fraud detection and deactivation, network design, and data transmission.
Fernando is passionate about traveling, learning about different cultures, and trying new things.

Uber Data Breach

Uber Taken for a Ride by Hackers, Then Tried to Cover It Up

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Uber has had a difficult year. It took another hit last week with the news that it had covered up a data breach that occurred more than a year ago. Read more

WannaCry Remedy

WannaCry Remedies: The Second Wave of Attacks

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Since last Friday, over 200,000 victims in 150 countries have been hit by a massive, international ransomware cyberattack called WannaCry. Read more

Scammers Evolving: Top 5 Most Sophisticated Olympic Scams We’ve Seen So Far

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There’s a sucker born every minute. And for each sucker there are hundreds of scammers waiting to take advantage of them.Now, with the Olympic Games Read more

New Attack Channels on the Rise – How Search Engine Ads, Social Media and Apps Are Used to Perpetrate Fraud

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It’s much easier for fraudsters to trick victims into divulging sensitive information than it is to hack usernames and passwords. Read more

AdWords phishing schemes

When AdWords Attack: Another Method of Phishing

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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the effectiveness of Google AdWords and are using the ads for phishing schemes.As recently as two years ago, more than a third of Google Read more