By Juan Sebastián Gomez, Senior Technical Mobile Manager

In his role as Senior Technical Mobile Manager at Easy Solutions, Juan Sebastian masterminds the inspired development teams behind our cutting-edge mobile solutions. His academic background and years of diversified experience, from videogames to music-composing applications, confer him the abilities that help our company constantly push the envelope of mobile security. Currently, our advanced suit of mobile products allow organizations to embed our technology into their own applications to deploy multi-layered security across their entire mobile customer base, unlocking the full potential of the channel.

Juan Sebastian’s technical expertise includes four years of mobile application development and vast knowledge in programming languages (JAVA, MYSQL, SQLite), design software (Autodesk Maya, 3D Max, Motion Builder) and game engines (UNITY, XNA and OGRE3D).

Juan Sebastian is a Computer Engineer graduated from the renowned Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería “Julio Garavito” and has received acknowledgements for his work in different fields.

Mobile Tokens Are More Effective with a Fortified Device

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Since HOTP and TOTP algorithms are the technological backbone of a wide variety of tokens used as a second authentication factor, they are very effective at creating unpredictable one-time passwords. Read more