By Maria Lobato, Marketing Director

As Director of Marketing, Maria is responsible for the design and implementation of lead marking strategies. This includes managing product marketing of Easy Solutions’ Digital Threat Protection Suite and developing, executing global communication initiatives, and supervising the execution of US and EMEA events.
Maria is passionate about the power of words.

Video Customer Success Story: How Elements Financial Benefits from Proactive Threat Monitoring

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Andy Shank of Elements Financial spoke with us live at the 2018 Cyxtera Conference about his organization’s anti-fraud strategy. Read more

Expert Video Series: Leo Taddeo

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In our new series, Expert Video Series, we speak with cybersecurity experts about their perspectives on the fraud landscape. Read more

Fraud Predictions

Predictions 2018: Human Manipulation Is the Standard, Obsessing Over End User Authentication Becomes the Norm

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As 2017 comes to a close, people start to take stock of the
past year and what’s in store for the coming one.Not ones
to be left out, we’ve compiled our own list of what we can
expect to see on the cyber threat landscape in 2018. Read more


Is Your End-User Education Enough to Stop the Next Phishing Attack?

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Phishing is one of the oldest forms of digital fraud, and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon. Read more

Forbes Features Fraud Prevention: Act Before It’s Too Late

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Easy Solutions’ CEO Ricardo Villadiego was recently invited to join the Forbes Technology Council, a select group of technology executives chosen to serve as thought leaders for the Forbes community. Read more

Why Are Phishing Attacks Still Effective? And What to Do

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The e-mail reads, “Click here to download your report.” It appears to be from a credible source, but the link leads to a website created solely for the purpose of information theft. Cybers-cammers strike again using phishing e-mails to trick recipients into clicking on links and typing in their personal information. In most instances the user has no idea they have walked right into a trap. According to findings recently released by Intel Security, 97% of people globally are unable to correctly identify phishing e-mails. Read more

FORTUNE: Banks Put Hacked Credit Cards on Watch Lists to Help Reduce Fraud Costs

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Fortune Magazine penned an article recently, on how banks are putting hacked credit cards on ‘watch lists’, rather than canceling them immediately, thereby helping banks (and therefore their end users), reduce the overall cost of fraud to an organization. As our CEO, Ricardo Villadiego, notes in the article, ‘”Fraud is a numbers game.” Read more

InfoRisk Today on P.F. Chang’s Breach

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ImageInfoRiskToday ( has a great article out today, that highlights some of the key developments in the P.F. Chang’s breach.

While there are no indicators of card fraud yet, we’ll be monitoring closely for any activity. Easy Solutions’ Bryan Jardine also shares his insights within the piece, noting that “Often the valuation of a card decreases over time. It is more cost-effective for the fraudsters to get them on the market as quickly as possible. This is easy money for them.” For the full article, visit