By Paul Wilson, Product Manager

Having spent over 10 years in development, architecture and consultancy roles in the financial services industry, Paul Wilson is a Product Manager at Easy Solutions. Paul works with prospects, customers, and the rest of the Easy Solutions team in the creation of fresh and innovative solutions.
Prior to Easy Solutions, Paul held roles at FIS, the world’s top provider of banking technology, and at VocaLink, the operator of the UK national payments infrastructure.

Hard Cheese –Defending against Multi vector, Combined, Intelligent Attacks like Operation Emmental

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Operation EmmentalLast week, reports flooded security forums and publications highlighting an increase in the rate of a fraud attack named Operation Emmental.

The threat type was first noticed by security companies approximately 5 months ago, but the recent rise in successful attacks against mobile banking users has been alarming and underlined the effectiveness of the attack. The fact that the majority of the successful attacks were aimed at Swiss banks led to the name of Operation Emmental, referring to the Swiss cheese containing holes, suggesting imperfections in security.
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