By Ricardo Villadiego, Founder & CEO

After more than a decade in the IT security sector, Ricardo Villadiego decided to take a risk and start a security company of his own. The result is Easy Solutions, a state-of-the-art and creative business that is a reflection of the man who runs it. Ricardo sought to build a company with a highly-motivated group of engineers free to unleash their imaginations and think up fresh and original solutions to confront the constantly evolving threat landscape of the internet. Flexible and agile, the Easy Solutions team can adapt, change course, and most importantly take care of any electronic security problem quickly. This hardworking team, affectionately dubbed the “Easy Solvers”, follow in their leader’s easygoing but results-oriented footsteps, working their tails off but always leaving some time to relax and bust some dance moves or play a quick game of soccer.

Fake news and digital trust

Fake News and Digital Trust: How to Take Back Control of the Web from Cybercriminals

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Last year was an unprecedented time for cyber security and fraud with a record number of exploited vulnerabilities and high-profile breaches. Read more

Easy Solutions Acquired

The Next Step in Easy Solutions’ Journey

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As many of you may have seen, last Friday we announced that private equity firms BC Partners and our investor Medina Capital have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Easy Solutions. The deal is part of a joint venture to create a global secure infrastructure platform and includes Read more

Proactive fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention: Driving Innovation as Digital Transactions Grow Exponentially

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We’ve all heard the phrase “the best defense is a good offense.” The analogy proves as true on the football field as it does in the field of online fraud prevention. Too many instances exist where companies rush to implement Read more

Fraud case automation

Automation: Cut Fraud Investigation Costs, Not Customer Satisfaction

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Companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline their business processes and ensure that legitimate customer activity is kept safe. Read more

Multiple Banks Hit with SWIFT Attacks Like One That Hit Bangladesh Central Bank

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The financial world was shaken in the last few weeks. It came to light that hackers breached systems of Bangladesh Bank, and attempted to steal $951 Read more

The Day My Email Got Spoofed – And How DMARC Can Help

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Being at the forefront of fraud prevention, our level of awareness for fraud related schemes is definitively higher than it is for any other business. We live to fight back fraud 24 by 7, and being one of the pioneers in the industry to champion DMARC and knowing its benefits, we decided to deploy the DMARC policy in monitoring mode, as you can see here: Read more

EMV adoption shifts fraud

EMV Adoption Shifts Fraud Mechanisms

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The much talked about EMV (Chip and PIN) adoption happening in North America is being done in the name of improving security for consumers, merchants, and card issuers alike. Unfortunately, adoption of Chip and PIN just creates pressure for the bad guys to innovate. As we predicted in an earlier blog post, we are starting to see ‘card trapppers’ emerge again, because the physical card itself has now become more valuable. Read more

Mr. Robot Shows Art Imitating Life – And It’s Not Sweet as Pi

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Like me, many of you probably watched episode 4 of Mr Robot, the TV show that’s popular these days among the cyber security industry. In that episode, Elliot installed a Raspberry PI (a mini computer the size of a credit card) to remotely control the A/C systems of the data facility where Evil Corp stores its backup tapes.

mr robot

Read more

IBM’s Billion Dollar Acquisition of Trusteer Highlights Demand for Fraud Protection For Financial Services and Beyond

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Security acquisitions are on a roll, and this week IBM rocked the security community with its plans to acquire Trusteer for almost $1 billion dollars.  What does this huge premium tell us? The online fraud problem is worse than ever, and fraud prevention is becoming a challenge for any company that does business online. Read more