By Silvia Lopez, CMO

As Chief Marketing Officer, Silvia is responsible for keeping a watchful eye on the information security environment and brainstorming what comes next. By researching security issues, domestic and international regulations, market trends, and customer behavior, she helps develop the ideas that make Easy Solutions an innovator in the fraud security industry.
Silvia is a vegan, loves all animals, and has a passion for traveling.

Seven Most Popular Easy Solutions Blog Posts of 2016

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In 2016, we published more than 50 blog posts about authentication, fraud trends, data breaches, new attacks, fraud prevention best practices and more. We also developed more content based on our research team’s findings to better protect against fraud. We are committed Read more

Phone fraud scams

1-900-FRAUD: When Fraudsters Come Calling

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Hackers. Fraudsters. Shysters. No matter what name society has given them they’ve been around since time immemorial, banking on the fact (pun intended) that there’s a sucker born every minute.And while each of us likes to think that Read more

blog posts

Millennials and Banking: Finding a Balance Between Security and Convenience (with Infographic)

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There’s been a lot of chatter recently about Millennials and their overall impact on the global economy. Read more

mobile banking in latin america

What’s Slowing the Adoption of Mobile Banking in Latin America?

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Since 2009, Easy Solutions has conducted a broad survey of consumers across the Latin American region to better understand adoption trends of online and mobile banking. We recently released our 2015 Read more

Clone Wars: How One Bank Proactively Pinpoints Stolen Credit Cards

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If the high-profile breaches at Target, Nieman Marcus, and legions of other retailers have taught us anything, it’s that we haven’t seen the last of them.


Regardless of what security tools and protocols are put in place by retailers — or really any institution that houses sensitive consumer information – there inevitably will always be a weak link, potentially exposing millions of credit cards into a burgeoning online black market where criminal syndicates are doing a brisk business selling stolen cards in bulk.

Of course, when credit cards are sold and eventually cloned, it’s the financial institution that’s left holding the bag. Following a wide scale breach, banks are often left with two options. They can either replace all of the cards that have been compromised or they can selectively replace cards that they know have been cloned and are about to be used in a fraudulent transaction. However, replacing hundreds of thousands of credit cards that may or may not have been breached is simply not an economically feasible strategy for many banks – it’s cost-prohibitive, inconvenient for their customers who increasingly have their card accounts linked to a variety of services, and creates an opportunity for bad publicity.

Faces of Fraud Report Shows Shifting Trends, Growing Challenges in Securing Banking Accounts

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A few weeks ago, we had the chance to preview this year’s Faces of Fraud report; research conducted annually by the team at BankInfoSecurity to shed light on emerging trends and threats that keep even the most mature of financial institutions up at night. Read more

Magic Quadrant for Web Fraud Protection 2013

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Discover why Easy Solutions is Named a “Visionary”

The Magic Quadrant for Web Fraud Detection report offers detailed analysis of 15 security vendors who provide software products or services that help organizations detect and prevent fraud that occurs over the Web and via mobile channels.

According to Gartner, “Visionaries have innovative research and development, a good understanding of their markets and solid strategies that poise them for healthy growth”

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