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DMARC compliance

United Kingdom’s Decision to Mandate DMARC Compliance: Good for the Government, Great for the Public

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According to an article that ran in The Guardian, in 2012 United Kingdom topped the global list of nationstargeted by phishing Read more

New FFIEC Guidance

New FFIEC Guidance: Financial Institutions Must Look Closer at Mobile Banking Security

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If they haven’t already done so—or haven’t done so in a while– financial institutions in the United States will need to take a fresh look Read more


Could Anything Have Prevented SWIFT Attacks Against Banks?

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Just over two months after sophisticated cybercriminals used the SWIFT system to steal $81 million from a bank in New York, another such attack has come to light, Read more

Phone fraud scams

1-900-FRAUD: When Fraudsters Come Calling

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Hackers. Fraudsters. Shysters. No matter what name society has given them they’ve been around since time immemorial, banking on the fact (pun intended) that there’s a sucker born every minute.And while each of us likes to think that Read more

AdWords phishing schemes

When AdWords Attack: Another Method of Phishing

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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the effectiveness of Google AdWords and are using the ads for phishing schemes.As recently as two years ago, more than a third of Google Read more

Behavioral anomaly detection

Thieves Steal $13M in 2 Hours Using Fake Credit Cards – How Can Banks Protect Themselves?

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News broke recently that thieves stole about $13M in cash from the South African Standard Bank Group Read more

Clustering of Phishing Attacks

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Easy Solutions data scientists, including the author of this article, will present extensive research on phishing patterns and correlations between attacks. Read more

Millions of Usernames, Passwords Compromised in Massive Email Data Breach

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It may be a good idea to change your password if you have an email account with one of the Big 3 email providers. Read more

What Makes a Financial Institution’s Brand and Anti-Phishing Strategy Effective?

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Secure web gateways and awareness training may protect a bank’s employees against phishing attacks, Read more

Acecard: Mobile Banking’s Newest Threat

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Reports from around the world have been detailing data theft from banking and messaging mobile apps, including Whatsapp, Facebook and SMS services over the last few months. Read more