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Digital Threats

Latest IRS Scam Shows Need for Proactive Defense Against Digital Threats

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A new scam is tarnishing the reputation and image of organizations by tricking businesses and individuals. Read more

SMS-delivered password

Is Strong Authentication Killing the SMS-Delivered Password?

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Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable move away from what has been the norm for decades – communication and business conducted in person or over the phone – toward increasingly digital-only interaction. Read more

SMS two-factor authentication

SMS 2FA Is Dead. Long Live 2FA

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Despite what many believe to be a major inconvenience, multi-factor identification has long been recognized as an effective method of lessening the impactof a potential breach on end users. Read more


Biometrics a Convenient Addition, But No Silver Bullet

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We often say no product or solution is a “silver bullet” for fraud. In order to fend against the rich mosaic of cyberattacks threatening organizations, multi-factor Read more

Multiple Banks Hit with SWIFT Attacks Like One That Hit Bangladesh Central Bank

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The financial world was shaken in the last few weeks. It came to light that hackers breached systems of Bangladesh Bank, and attempted to steal $951 Read more

The 2016 Fraud Landscape Is a Scary Place: Top Fraud Predictions from the Experts at Easy Solutions

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It should come as no surprise that 2016 will be yet another ever-changing and complex year for those fighting electronic fraud. Attacks are getting more sophisticated, some will start to use Read more

cyber fraud in Europe

Facing Reality – The Rise of Cyber Fraud in Europe

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Although it is difficult to calculate the exact amount of money lost to cyber fraud each year, it is clear that European cyber fraud is on the rise. European card fraud losses increased over 6% Read more

New Version of Browsing Solution Includes Splash Screens, User Identifier Capture

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Detect Safe Browsing (DSB), our secure browsing solution, now makes it even easier to defend users against the advanced malware that enables man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks. Read more

How Can You Make Your Anti-Fraud Program More Effective?

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According to a recent study, 62% of companies were subject to payments fraud in 2014, with 19% of organizations losing more than $250,000. In addition to tangible losses, there’s negative impact that can’t be measured including stockholder trust, employee morale and most importantly, the reputation of the company and its ability to gain and/or retain business. Read more

Why Are Phishing Attacks Still Effective? And What to Do

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The e-mail reads, “Click here to download your report.” It appears to be from a credible source, but the link leads to a website created solely for the purpose of information theft. Cybers-cammers strike again using phishing e-mails to trick recipients into clicking on links and typing in their personal information. In most instances the user has no idea they have walked right into a trap. According to findings recently released by Intel Security, 97% of people globally are unable to correctly identify phishing e-mails. Read more