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Easy Solutions Acquired
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As many of you may have seen, last Friday we announced that private equity firms BC Partners and our investor Medina Capital have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Easy Solutions. The deal is part of a joint venture to create a global secure infrastructure platform and includes the acquisition of CenturyLink’s 57 global data centers and colocation business, along with four Medina portfolio companies: Easy Solutions, Brainspace, Cryptzone, and Catbird.

We are very excited to share this next phase of our journey. Many of the CEOs, CSOs, security and risk professionals I speak to are looking for ways to better utilize the data about their customers, and harness that data using today’s latest analytics and machine learning tools. Their aim is to protect themselves and their customers from the ever-growing fraud threats against their organization. And while fraud used to be a concern limited to banks and financial institutions, in today’s environment we see it as a growing concern for retail, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, and many other kinds of companies, all of which have valuable assets that can be stolen and marketed on the Deep and Dark Web. These activities now affect brands and companies across the board, and the globe.

Easy Solutions is extremely well-positioned to continue to capture the increasing demand of fraud protection needs associated with the digital transformation of enterprises and this acquisition will provide us with more resources, greater capabilities and an even wider global reach. This allows us to innovate faster, expand our solutions, and better serve our customers and partners worldwide. The ability to work with a full complement of security assets in our portfolio – including fraud detection and prevention, machine learning, and a software-defined perimeter – allows us to add layers of defenses and advances the state of security and fraud analytics.

We will continue to provide our customers with the industry’s leading total fraud protection solutions, and are excited about the opportunity to go on investing heavily in the development of our platform. This acquisition provides us the resources and the reach to continue to stay on the cutting edge of fraud protection. We look forward to this next phase in our journey with you all.

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