Easy Solutions’ Detect Monitoring Service Has Been Upgraded

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As the number of electronic attacks grows daily, the Total Fraud Protection® team is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of Detect Monitoring Service (DMS), our proactive anti-fraud monitoring solution. DMS has a completely redesigned dashboard, with a number of interactive charts and graphs that enable users to more efficiently analyze and break down all information related to security incidents, with tickets and alerts rendered graphically in real time.

New features in the redesigned dashboard include:

An Intuitive Ticket Classification System

  • Graphic icons on the Open Ticket List show the type of incident each ticket is resolving: phishing, pharming, similar domain, compromised banking cards, malware, man-in-the-middle, site redirect, and other attacks.


Response Time at a Glance

  • An interactive ticket response time graph shows how quickly tickets are being resolved. Clicking on any slice of the pie graph gives you more detailed information about the events that slice represents. The slice with the lightest shade of blue[M1] [BJ2]  represents events that were resolved in under four hours, with tickets that required a longer response time represented by gradually darker shades of blue.


Detailed Ticket Information and Analysis

  • The bar graph representing Monthly Tickets is now interactive. The graph can be filtered by year, and clicking on a month in each particular year gives you more in-depth information about the tickets at that particular time period.


User-friendly Reporting

  • The bar graph representing Connection & Alerts Analyzed – Past 30 Days can be filtered by connections or alerts, and clicking on the bar representing a particular day will give you more information about the connections or alerts for that day.


A Responsive Social Media Intelligence Tool

  • The Social Mentions line graph is now interactive, and can be filtered by type of social media where mentions were found. Information about all social mentions can be viewed over the past 30 days or the past 12 months.


If you would like to know more about the real-time fraud attack mitigation, FFIEC-compliant social media risk management, and compromised card and mobile app monitoring provided by Detect Monitoring Service, please contact us at info@easysol.net.

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