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We’re proud to announce that we have been included among mobile fraud management solution vendors in a recent report by Forrester Research, Inc. The report, “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Fraud Management Solutions,”(June 2, 2016) outlines the technical capabilities security professionals need to combat mobile fraud and provides an overview of the current landscape of vendors and their solutions.

Forrester Research recommends that security professionals give more weight to vendors that integrate mobile data and offer models, provide a 360-degree view of mobile fraud data, and implement strong reporting on mobile fraud management.

The report notes that “US mobile commerce (both phones and tablets) will top $252 billion by 2020, while mobile payments will exceed $141 billion in 2019.” Not surprisingly, as mobile financial transactions proliferate, attackers are finding mobile commerce to be extremely lucrative.

Enterprises will need to carefully evaluate potential vendors and search for mobile fraud protection solutions that collect mobile sensor data and offer integrated scoring profiles. The Easy Solutions’ Total Fraud Protection solution blocks criminals at all three phases of the fraud lifecycle – planning, launching, and cashing – while ensuring that authorized users can conduct business. We’re honored to be included in this report and remain as committed as ever to arming our customers with leading anti-fraud solutions that can stop even the most sophisticated attack in its tracks.

How Easy Solutions Products Protect Mobile Devices

Learn more about our effective mobile fraud protection products cited by Forrester Research.

  • Detect Safe Browsing, which helps stop fraud by idenfying risky and compromised devices that lead to account takeovers and other sophisticated criminal attacks while allowing even infected devices to safely perform transactions online. Information collected from customer devices running Detect Safe Browsing can then be used to shut down sites spreading malware with Detect Monitoring Service.
  • Detect Monitoring Service (DMS), a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that monitors and stops fraud attacks in real time, aggressively going after threats at their source and shutting them down before they affect a business and its customers. With an industry-leading average attack takedown time of 3.6 hours, DMS is the most effective and proactive threat detection and removal service available today.
  • DetectID, an award-winning, multi-channel authentication framework that allows customers to leverage their mobile devices to deploy next-generation, convenient, two-factor authentication with a strong anti-fraud defense system. Now with the addition of biometric authentication, customers can take advantage of an additional layer of security that assimilates smoothly into their existing system while simultaneously providing the assurance that only legitimate users are able to access sensitive data and perform transactions.

Visit our website for more information on our Mobile Fraud Protection Suite:  https://www.easysol.net/products/easy-sol-products/mobile-application-fraud-protection-suite

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