Unveiling our New Webcast….

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Unveiling our New Webcast….Building for Tomorrow: Creating a Flexible and Effective Multi-layer Approach Against the Fraud of Today and Tomorrow featuring Gartner Expert Avivah Litan
In this increasingly mobile, fast-paced world, organizations contend with ever-more sophisticated fraudsters across an array of channels. The bad guys always have the ‘first mover advantage’, since they’re designing the attacks. They’re likely to be younger, smarter, and more aggressive than ever.  Knowing the emerging fraud trends to catch the bad guys in the act is only part of the fraud puzzle – there is in fact an entire life cycle to an electronic attack, each requiring a different fraud prevention practice and technique along the way. For example, the recent $45M heist is a great example of a compromise that involved vulnerabilities at every stage of an attack, across multiple transactional channels. This was a very well planned attack, where the perpetrators leveraged vulnerability in the Middle East for the setup and launch of the attack, but ultimately leveraged ATMs in New York and around the world to extract the cash. The ability to stop them at any stage along the way could have been a crucial difference.Often times we find companies spending significant time and resources on prevention strategies and tools that are incompatible, insufficiently address each part of the life cycle or, may miss the target all together depending on the organization’s business nature.  This all can be daunting. We hear it all the time.  You have to find a trusted partner to go to war with, because you can’t keep up with all of this by yourself.So, what are the biggest challenges customers face in protecting themselves from today's fraudsters? And how can they protect themselves against new threats while leveraging their legacy systems?

In our latest webcast, Building for Tomorrow: Creating a Flexible and Effective Multi-layer Approach Against the Fraud of Today and Tomorrow– Gartner Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Avivah Litan and Easy Solutions' CTO Daniel Ingevaldson – answer these questions and more.   They will discuss the biggest challenges customers face in protecting themselves from today’s fraudsters. We invite you to learn how a multi-layer approach can help you secure all of your transactional environments from fraud, and more importantly, help you find the right solution for your fraud prevention needs.

Other key topics in the webcast include:

  • Emerging market trends in web fraud
  • Best practices for web fraud prevention
  • The mobile threat landscape
  • Fraud prevention strategies for cloud technologies
  • What companies should look for in a fraud protection solutions provider

The webcast can be accessed by visiting http://www.easysol.net/newweb/Resources/webcast-featuring-Gartner

Summary: Building for Tomorrow: Creating a Flexible and Effective Multi-layer Approach Against the Fraud of Today and Tomorrow

Chapter Titles
Introduction 01:00:00;14
What are the emerging market trends in web fraud? 01:00:58;07
What types of web fraud are most commonly taking place? 01:03:10;00
What challenges do companies face when implementing a web fraud strategy? 01:06:00;08
What are the key components and best practices for web fraud prevention? 01:11:35;28
What should companies look for in a web fraud protection solutions provider? 01:16:19;25
Who is Easy Solutions? 01:20:11;01
What are the common challenges that Easy Solutions customers face when it comes to fraud protection? 01:21:24;22
What are the different phases in the life cycle of an electronic attack? 01:24:31;11
How has cloud technology changed the fraud prevention strategy of your customers? 01:26:56;08
How has the mobile threat landscape changed the fraud protection strategy of your customers? 01:28:15;18
What is the value of the Easy Solutions platform? 01:31:03;02
How does the Easy Solutions platform work? 01:32:43;08
What are some success stories? 01:35:40;12
What is the advantage of partnering with Easy Solutions? 01:37:58;29

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