DetectID Now Offers Transaction Signing and Push Authentication for Windows Phone and Blackberry

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With iOS and Android’s dominance in the mobile operating system market, it can be easy to overlook that a still-significant portion of the world’s smartphone and tablet owners use other operating systems. Windows Phone and Blackberry are not as popular in the US as iOS or Android, but their usage is considerably more common in many European, Asian and Latin American countries. This proportion of Windows Phone and Blackberry users also rises significantly higher when focusing on the enterprise and government sectors, where tight security and lack of exposure to malware is held in higher esteem compared to the general population. The tendency is for many major app developers is to concentrate on iOS and Android and let other mobile operating system applications languish for months without updates. But financial institutions should resist this temptation, not only because it leaves a chunk of customers with no way to securely perform mobile transactions, but also because it denies banks a way to offer these customers value-added activities that can generate revenue.

With that in mind, Easy Solutions now offers transaction signing and authentication via push technology that is compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry devices, in addition to iOS and Android. This latest version of DetectID lets your organization supplement traditional second-factor authentication methods like SMS texts and physical OTP tokens with convenient, two-way messages that can immediately be responded to with a tap of the screen. Through the use of DetectID’s mobile app or the embedding of our SDks within your own native app, your users can turn any mobile device into a method for signing transactions or authenticating customer identities. In addition, DetectID integrates with your existing custom environments, VPNs, cloud apps, on-premise apps and more to allow you to quickly and easily get push notifications up and running.

But instant login authentication and transaction verification are just two of the use cases for push notifications. There are many other benefits that companies and customers can enjoy with the implementation of the secure, instantaneous communication that DetectID push notifications provide, including:

  • Risk-based transaction verification: Unusually large or atypical transactions can be instantly verified with a push notification to the customer’s mobile device. This stops a large portion of fraud and reassures customers that their bank is looking out for their security.
  • Responsive fraud alerts: SMS messages about a transaction leave no way for customers to quickly respond, and mobile malware has compromised these notification systems in successful attacks that have stolen millions of dollars. There is no reason to use such a risky authentication method when DetectID push notifications can allow customers to promptly confirm or block a payment on recognized mobile devices.

Authentication for Windows and Blackberry

  • E-commerce/card-not-present transaction authentication: Now that nearly the entire world has implemented the EMV chip to make in-store transactions more secure, fraud has moved to online transactions where the card doesn’t have to be present. Transaction signing with push technology can keep your customers from being victims of the massive card breaches that have recently affected dozens of retail chains.
  • Trade order confirmations: Deploying additional verification for trade orders is a logical deterrent for spear-phishing attacks targeting high-value customers. Push notifications that let customers instantly approve or reject trade orders directly on their devices avoid inconveniencing these valuable clients.
  • Customer reminder/warning messages: DetectID push notifications let banks send customers reminder messages about upcoming payments, overdrafts, low balances and other financial situations that may have slipped their minds. This can also provide cross-selling opportunities for customers who may need a service that your institution is offering.

For too long, financial institutions and other enterprises have taken Blackberry and Windows Phone users for granted. With this latest version of DetectID, push notifications can now be sent to almost any mobile device, not just the most popular ones that get the lion’s share of attention from application developers. If you would like to find out more about Easy Solutions’ flexible and dependable DetectID two-factor authentication platform, check out our website at or drop us a line at

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