By Daniel Brody, Product Marketing Manager

As Product Marketing Manager, Daniel is always following trends, regulations, and critical issues in the world of information security to come up with the ideas that will turn into the products and services of the future. With over a decade of experience as a writer, journalist, and professor, Daniel takes the complex jargon spoken by engineers and helps translate it into terms financial services providers and their customers can easily understand.

Risk Controller

Video Blog: Detect Safe Browsing Risk Controller

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Flexibility is an integral part of any strong fraud-monitoring service. The Risk Controller feature from Detect Safe Browsing Mobile allows financial institutions to create custom tolerance levels for risk factors affecting their end-users Read more

What Makes a Financial Institution’s Brand and Anti-Phishing Strategy Effective?

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Secure web gateways and awareness training may protect a bank’s employees against phishing attacks, Read more

Hotel Points and Airline Miles Fraud – Wait, What?!

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At Easy Solutions we spend a lot of time thinking, talking and researching fraud: fraud on different parts of the world and across different verticals, from the most complex to the simplest methodologies. Even with all the different variables that make up these kinds of crimes, one thing is the same across all kinds of electronic fraud—their lifecycle. The lifecycle of a fraud incident is made of three key stages: Read more