By Edgar Felipe Duarte Porras, Malware Analyst

As a Malware Analyst, Edgar Felipe Duarte Porras detects and analyzes the latest threats in the cyberworld. Edgar specializes in reverse engineering and machine learning. Before his current role, he worked as a Security Analyst at Easy Solutions. He studied Electronic Engineering and speaks Spanish and English. Edgar currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia.

Video: See How Trickbot Works

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Trickbot has recently been making headlines, with a new version and new targets coming out almost every day. Read more


Marcher Trojan Isn’t Going Away. It’s Getting Smarter.

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The Android Trojan called Marcher first came onto the scene in 2013, but it’s not showing any signs of going away. Read more

URL Tracking Systems

When Fraudsters Use Our Own Tools Against Us

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Many new email tracking services have emerged over the past few years. These services help marketing teams determine if their email marketing campaigns have been successful by analyzing the number of opened emails and user click-throughs. Read more

Vicious malware

Trojan Attack Targets Major Banks in Chile

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A vicious malware attack spread to nine of the biggest banks in Chile last month. At least 854 machines were impacted by this attack. The first attack’s transmission began with an Read more


TeamViewer’s Libraries Part of Complex Malware Process

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Fraudsters are getting ever more creative. Every app and device is now an avenue for new threats seeking to capture the personal information of end users.

Not long ago, we wrote about Remote Access Threats (RAT), which aim to access users’ cameras and microphones. Read more