By Javier Vargas, Product Owner – Detect Safe Browsing

Javier Vargas is an experienced developer responsible for leading the Research organization at Easy Solutions. Javier and his team perform research on the latest trends and techniques of electronic attacks to ensure the company’s product portfolio is the most innovative and advanced in the market. Previously, he was a Technical Product Manager for Easy Solutions’ safe browsing offering, DSB2Go.

Easy Solutions Helps Bank Stop Banking Trojans in Their Tracks

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Easy Solutions recently discovered new campaigns employing two notorious banking Trojans. The campaigns were targeting a major financial institution Read more

Machine-Learning Misconceptions

Debunking Machine Learning Misconceptions

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Machine learning has never been more prevalent and accessible than it is today. It has managed to influence and boost several industries and markets. Read more

democratization of malware

The Democratization of Malware

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The printing press was one of the earliest steps towards democratization of knowledge, allowing the acquisition and spread of knowledge among the masses, and not just the privileged elite. Read more

ISPs at risk of fraud

ISPs at Risk - Poor Security Practices Can Open the Door to Fraud

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A few years ago, it was common practice for ISPs to set Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) admin passwords that were known, simple and easy to remember strings. Read more

iPhone with Apps

Apple App Store Hack - Reflections on Trusting Trust

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Apple's app review process is excellent at preventing malware from infiltrating their store, but last week proved even the best security practices can be overcome by inventive fraudsters. Read more

Games With A Purpose – Fraud

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Human-based Computation Games, also known as Games with a Purpose, have been used by the software industry to accomplish tasks that although trivial for human beings, still pose a Read more