By Jhoan Mauricio Vivas Rubiano, Software Engineer

Jhoan Mauricio is a Software Engineering Expert at Easy Solutions. He has more than four years of experience designing, programing and testing software across a variety of platforms, and has worked on numerous projects related to detection and prevention of electronic fraud. His analytical and problem solving skills facilitate the development of new ideas and improve existing concepts.

Marcher Android Malware

Marcher Android Malware –Same Tune, Different Lyrics

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Recently, security researchers have been warning consumers about Marcher, an early Trojan for Android targeting banks.The Trojan first appeared to be affecting banking applications in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Brazil, but has now expanded to the United Read more

Acecard: Mobile Banking’s Newest Threat

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Reports from around the world have been detailing data theft from banking and messaging mobile apps, including Whatsapp, Facebook and SMS services over the last few months. Read more