Simplifying and Enhancing Your Customer Security with Biometric Authentication

biometric authentication
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With TouchID, biometric authentication is becoming mainstream. Fingerprint authentication has shown quick adoption as one of the most convenient biometric factors, but other biometric authentication factors like voice, face or iris recognition, while not as widely adopted, are becoming viable alternatives.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for the rise in adoption is the fact that biometric authentication creates much less friction than other authentication methods, and are always available. Ever leave your face or your hand at home?

That is why today we are pleased to announce the addition of biometric authentication to DetectID, our multi-channel authentication framework. Biometrics is the latest component of this defense, and works in concert with existing DetectID methods, providing an additional layer of security that assimilates smoothly into the existing system, while simultaneously enhancing user verification.

We are pleased to offer three new kinds of biometric authentication methods within DetectID:

  • Touch: Everyone has a unique, unchanging fingerprint. Use this to protect management of your mobile apps.
  • Voice: The way you speak is as unique as a snowflake. Leverage this on any channel. Just say a simple phrase and you’re in!
  • Face: Technology measures and records various points on a human face. The user takes a selfie on their mobile device in order to authenticate access to any channel. Added benefit here – your millennial users already love to take selfies, now they can actually justify why!

This multimodal biometric approach is key for companies that want to provide their end-users with a choice based on different real-life situations, considering that using voice in a public place may be inconvenient, or using facial recognition is not ideal when you find yourself somewhere with insufficient lighting, and fingerprint readers could prove ineffective after exercising. Because we believe in a layered approach, our solution can be combined with push authentication, which sends validation requests to the users who want to access an online portal or make an online payment. Also part of our layered approach, our technologies have the ability to provide validation of a user’s personal device and their risk profile into the biometric solution.

As if multi-layered protection wasn’t enough, this solution can also be used on different channels. This means that Easy Solutions’ biometric deployment allows end users to enroll once and use it on different channels without the need for re-enrolling. In recent years, there has been a great adoption of voice biometrics as part of the authentication process in call centers, which allows organizations to deploy voice authentication on mobile, kiosks and others.

Easy Solutions’ biometric authentication feature is available today to all Easy Solutions customers as a premium feature of DetectID. Learn more about biometric authentication, or visit us this week at the RSA Conference (Booth 4226, North Hall).

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