Ricardo Villadiego


Ricardo Villadiego is founder and CEO of Easy Solutions, a global leader in electronic fraud protection. Easy Solutions’ guiding principle is Total Fraud Protection®, a fraud prevention strategy that enables companies to fight online fraud at every stage of the fraud attack life cycle. Prior to creating Easy Solutions, Ricardo held various management positions at IBM, Internet Security Systems and Unisys Corporation.

Ricardo's passion is technology.

Alejandro Correa Bahnsen

Chief Data Scientist

Alejandro Correa Bahnsen is part of Easy Solutions’ Research organization. In his role, Alejandro spends his time on the application of data science to Easy Solutions’ products to ensure our company continues to offer the most advanced and effective fraud prevention solutions. Alejandro holds a Ph.D. in machine learning from Luxembourg University.

David Castañeda

VP of Research and Development

As Vice President of Research and Development, David has been instrumental in managing, defining and driving the Easy Solutions’ core technologies as it has grown from a startup to a leader in the information security field. He oversees the team that is responsible for producing our cutting-edge proprietary software.

Javier Vargas

Product Owner - Detect Safe Browsing

Javier Vargas is an experienced developer responsible for leading the Research organization at Easy Solutions. Javier and his team perform research on the latest trends and techniques of electronic attacks to ensure the company’s product portfolio is the most innovative and advanced in the market. Previously, he was a Technical Product Manager for Easy Solutions’ safe browsing offering, DSB2Go.

Paul Wilson

Product Owner - DetectID & DetectTA

Having spent over 10 years in development, architecture and consultancy roles in the financial services industry, Paul Wilson now leads the EMEA Sales Engineering function at Easy Solutions. Paul works with prospects, customers, and the rest of the Easy Solutions team in the creation of fresh and innovative solutions.

Josh Schleicher

Senior Anti-Fraud Solutions Consultant

As Easy Solutions’ Senior Security Engineer in the United States and Canada, Josh provides technical product assistance to the sales teams in North America. With over 7 years in the Fraud Security industry, Josh helps financial institutions and enterprises identify needs in their current fraud prevention strategies and works with them to tailor a solution to fit those needs.

Fernando Cuervo

Product Owner - DetectID Enterprise

Fernando is a Cyxtera Product Owner who leads the vision of DID Enterprise, ensuring that the product meets and exceeds our customers' expectations. He has extensive experience in fraud detection and deactivation, network design, and product management. Fernando is passionate about traveling, learning about different cultures, and trying new things.

Michael Lopez

VP of Operations - US, EMEA, & APAC

Mike Lopez leads the service delivery process in the US, Canada and EMEA. Prior to joining Easy Solutions, Mike spent approximately 15 years of his life in the banking industry, holding a variety of leadership roles. Mike has a degree in Information Technology and lives in Miami with his wife and children.

Alvaro Roldan

Customer Service Manager

Alvaro supervises the 24/7/365 DMS team that proactively monitors the web for potential threats against our clients. This positions Alvaro on the front line to prevent and detect fraud. Thanks to Alvaro and his team, DMS has an industry-leading average attack mitigation time of 10 minutes with a 70% proactive detection rate.

German Patino

Key Account Manager

German is an experienced sales professional and the key account manager in the Northern region of Latin America. Throughout his career, German has worked with hundreds of financial institutions, helping them assess their vulnerabilities and identifying highly effective solutions that work for their respective environments. He is an electronic engineer with a postgraduate specialization in Strategic Thinking and Perspective.

Matthew Platten

Anti-Fraud Solutions Consultant

Matthew is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with over 15 years of technology security experience in the Middle East and Europe. As an Anti-Fraud Solutions Consultant in these regions, Matthew assists financial institutions and enterprises identify weaknesses in their current fraud prevention strategies and creates solutions to fit their unique needs. He is an expert in DMARC authentication, access control, and penetration testing.

Dee Millard

Anti-Fraud Solutions Consultant

Dee Millard is an experienced fraud prevention and risk management consultant with over two decades of experience in helping organizations of all sizes exceed their fraud prevention programs and compliance requirements. Her expertise includes online and mobile banking fraud prevention, cross channel transactional detection, enterprise financial crimes management, digital banking, and anti-money laundering.

Fun Fact: Dee was born and raised in New Orleans, she loves to cook Cajun food and loves anything that has to do with water from boating at lakes to relaxing on beaches.

Oliver Quixchan

Anti-Fraud Solutions Consultant

Oliver is an Anti-Fraud Solutions Consultant, serving as a technical advisor for key current and prospective customers. Oliver has spent more than 15 years designing, developing and implementing software solutions for the financial and telecom industry. He is an Engineer in Computer Science, holds an MBA, and is currently pursuing a certification in data science.

Jeremy Boorer

Director - Europe, Middle-East & Africa

Jeremy is responsible for solidifying Easy Solution’s presence in the region, and expanding the company’s customer base and partner ecosystem. Jeremy has spent more than 20 years in the software industry and 15 years in the internet security space, helping enterprises and governments in 80 different countries unlock the power of emerging security and anti-fraud technologies.

Maria Lobato

Marketing Director

As Director of Marketing, Maria is responsible for the design and implementation of lead marking strategies. This includes managing product marketing of Easy Solutions’ Digital Threat Protection Suite and developing, executing global communication initiatives, and supervising the execution of US and EMEA events.

Maria is passionate about the power of words.

Andres Isaza

Online Fraud Specialist

Andres is part of Easy Solutions’ fraud intelligence team that monitors for potential threats against our clients 24/7/365. This team has an industry-leading average attack mitigation time of 10 minutes with a 70% proactive detection rate.

Juan Pablo Sanchez

Senior Product Delivery Engineer

Juan Pablo is part of the Operations team at Easy Solutions. He works closely with financial institutions and enterprises across the world to deploy anti-fraud technologies. Juan Pablo has been part of countless deployments of a wide range of fraud prevention solutions. He is a computer engineer and ethical hacker.

Juan Pablo’s passions are learning, traveling, and meeting new people.

Luis Betancourt

DSB Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager for Cyxtera’s safe browsing products, Luis and his team focus on the monitoring, best practices, standards, and incident research collaboration of the operational processes related to the DSB framework solutions. Luis has a degree (cum laude) in Mechatronic engineer from Bogota, Colombia. Luis is passionate about reading, especially authors such as Virginia Woolf, Borges, Cortázar, and Dante.

Silvia Lopez

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Silvia is responsible for keeping a watchful eye on the information security environment and brainstorming what comes next. By researching security issues, domestic and international regulations, market trends, and customer behavior, she helps develop the ideas that make Easy Solutions an innovator in the fraud security industry.

Silvia is a vegan, loves all animals, and has a passion for traveling.

Daniel Brody

Product Marketing Manager

As Product Marketing Manager, Daniel is always following trends, regulations, and critical issues in the world of information security to come up with the ideas that will turn into the products and services of the future. With over a decade of experience as a writer, journalist, and professor, Daniel takes the complex jargon spoken by engineers and helps translate it into terms financial services providers and their customers can easily understand.

Mark Kennedy

DSB Product Marketing Manager

Mark Kennedy is a Product Marketing Manager for the Detect Safe Browsing suite of security solutions. His writing focuses on emerging cyber security trends, and how businesses can protect themselves in the ever-mutating fraud threat environment. He brings more than 12 years of journalism experience to Cyxtera Technologies, and is based in Bogota, Colombia.

Mario Benedetti

Business Development Manager

Mario Benedetti has served as an IT consultant, auditor, and engineer in the security field for countless organizations across different verticals for more than a decade, with a special focus on managing and optimizing security and anti-fraud related programs and processes.

Cheng Zhu

Fraud Solutions Consultant

With more than 10 years of experience working in the information technology industry, Cheng Zhu identifies and deploys fraud protection options for the Japanese market. As a Fraud Solutions Consultant, he ensures clients have the most up-to-date information and resources to fight fraud and protect sensitive information.