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democratization of malware

The Democratization of Malware

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The printing press was one of the earliest steps towards democratization of knowledge, allowing the acquisition and spread of knowledge among the masses, and not just the privileged elite. Read more

FFIEC Issues Ransomware Alert

Sharp Rise in Ransomware Attacks – FFIEC Issues Alert

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As I discussed in a recent blog post, the U.S. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued an alert in early November around Read more

weakest link against fraud

What is the Weakest Link in Your Fight Against Fraud?

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. This age-old adage can certainly be applied to the realm of IT security where hackers continuously evolve their techniques to compromise their targets. Read more


What You Need to Know About Google's Move to Strict DMARC Implementation

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Starting in June 2016, any DMARC-capable receivers will be instructed by Google to reject any emails that do not properly authenticate.
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Fraud Landscape in Mexico

The Electronic Fraud Landscape in Mexico’s Financial Sector

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Electronic banking and payment systems are on the rise in Mexico and other Latin-American countries, with statistics showing significant growth of these channels. According to our recent study, Read more

Feature Engineering for Fraud Detection

Feature Engineering for Fraud Detection Models

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As cybercriminals are constantly updating their strategies to avoid being detected, traditional fraud detection tools, such as expert rules, are less effective as Read more

ISPs at risk of fraud

ISPs at Risk - Poor Security Practices Can Open the Door to Fraud

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A few years ago, it was common practice for ISPs to set Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) admin passwords that were known, simple and easy to remember strings. Read more

biometric authentication

Fingerprints Stolen During OPM Breach: The Pros and Cons of Biometric Authentication

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Just when we thought the OPM breach couldn’t get any worse, OPM disclosed that approximately 5.6 million fingerprints were stolen as part of the hack. While it remains unclear if these fingerprints can Read more

Fraud Detection with Advanced Outlier Detection Algorithms

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Online fraud costs the global economy more than $400 billion, with more than 800 million personal records stolen in 2013 alone. Increasingly, fraud has diversified to different digital channels, Read more

whatsapp threat

Newest Whatsapp Threat - Social Engineering Leveraging Trusted Brands

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Earlier this week, researchers from Checkpoint software disclosed a vulnerability in What’sApp, that let hackers compromise personal data using just their phone number.While What’sApp quickly responded to that vulnerability, Read more