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anti-fraud technology predictions

2017 Emerging Anti-Fraud Technology Predictions

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The threat landscape continues to be ever changing and complicated, and 2017 will be no different. Some attacks that we saw emerge in 2016 will escalate, while new and dynamic fraud attacks will also emerge. As organizations try to stay one step ahead of today’s sophisticated cybercriminals, we will Read more

Exploring the Security and Fraud Challenges of a Faster Payment Solution in the United States

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With the submission period for faster payment solution proposals having recently come to a close, Read more

What Makes a Financial Institution’s Brand and Anti-Phishing Strategy Effective?

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Secure web gateways and awareness training may protect a bank’s employees against phishing attacks, Read more

Fraud survey

Beyond EMV: Results from the 2016 Faces of Fraud Survey

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For the third year in a row, Easy Solutions partnered with ISMG Media group to survey business executives from a range of industries to better understand the impact that fraud is having on their business. Read more

mobile banking in latin america

What’s Slowing the Adoption of Mobile Banking in Latin America?

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Since 2009, Easy Solutions has conducted a broad survey of consumers across the Latin American region to better understand adoption trends of online and mobile banking. We recently released our 2015 Read more

2014 Faces of Fraud Survey: The Results

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Faces of Fraud

Over the last year, there have been countless debates over the hows and whys of the massive retail breaches the world has witnessed—including those affecting major chains such as Target, Neiman Marcus and P.F. Chang’s, just to name a few. Undoubtedly, the 2014 Faces of Fraud Survey results were deeply impacted by these incidents as banking and security leaders are just starting to deal with the consequences. Read more

Faces of Fraud Report Shows Shifting Trends, Growing Challenges in Securing Banking Accounts

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A few weeks ago, we had the chance to preview this year’s Faces of Fraud report; research conducted annually by the team at BankInfoSecurity to shed light on emerging trends and threats that keep even the most mature of financial institutions up at night. Read more