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Second factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, 2FA, risk, strong authentication, RBA, Risk Based Authentication

RBA and 2FA: Partners in the Prevention of Crime

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After more than a decade of high-profile data breaches – in which the sensitive personal data of hundreds of millions of people were exposed to hackers – it’s clear that password-based authentication alone, albeit convenient, is not secure enough.

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Digital trust, infosec, cybersecurity, cyberfraud, malware, phishing, cyberattack, TFP, fraud security

Digital Trust: One Mishandled Attack Can Bring it Down in a Flash

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The majority of financial institutions have made the digital transformation – offering online banking through their website or on mobile applications.

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Threat Intelligence, cybersecurity, cyberfraud, malware, phishing, cyberattack, TFP, fraud security

Threat Intelligence: Detect the Cyberattack Lurking Around the Corner

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Cyber threats of all types evolve frequently to become more elaborate and complex.
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Fraud Predictions 2020

Fraud Predictions: What Do The Cards Hold for 2020?

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Over the past year there have been some incredible advancements in cybersecurity. Read more

Fraud Beat 2019

The Fraud Beat 2019: Time to Reevaluate

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It has never been clearer that organizations are aware of the risks of fraud: in 2019 100% of financial institutions surveyed in the Faces of Fraud Report reported increasing or maintaining their budgets for fraud prevention. Read more

Risk Orchestrator

Video Blog: Unify Your Fraud Protection Stance

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It’s no secret that a layered approach is the key to a successful anti-fraud strategy. Read more

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding from DetectID

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In this digital age, there is no doubt that users demand a strong digital experience from their financial institutions.  Read more

Passwordless Authentication

The Unofficial Guide to Passwordless Authentication - Part 2

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: It’s time to get rid of passwords. Read more

Machine learning trends

Cyxtera Experts Predict: The Next Wave of Machine Learning

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Machine learning (ML) is shaping the cyberworld and how users interact with organizations. Read more

Cashing- Out Trends

IP Cloaking: An Emerging Fraudster Cashing-Out Trend

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It's one thing to defraud a bank and its customers, but it is quite another for cybercriminals to get away with it. Read more