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Machine learning trends

Cyxtera Experts Predict: The Next Wave of Machine Learning

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Machine learning (ML) is shaping the cyberworld and how users interact with organizations. Read more

Cashing- Out Trends

IP Cloaking: An Emerging Fraudster Cashing-Out Trend

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It's one thing to defraud a bank and its customers, but it is quite another for cybercriminals to get away with it. Read more

Guide to Passworldless Authentication

The Unofficial Guide to Passwordless Authentication - Part 1

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As we get closer to the 60th anniversary of the digital password, the calls to ditch the antiquated technology are getting louder and more widespread.  Read more

Video Customer Success Story: How Nequi Revamped Their Security

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Anti-fraud solutions are essential for financial institutions, but it is not enough to just protect an organization’s brand and end users; cyberattacks also target internal systems, employees, and sensitive data. Read more

Cyxtera helps global bank shut down malware injection attacks

Cyxtera Helps Global Bank Shut Down Malware Injection Attacks

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Cybercriminals are nothing if not persistent.

A large financial institution with a global presence has been experiencing a series of sophisticated malware injection attacks – despite the steady failure rate, the cybercriminals behind the attack campaign continue to persist. Read more

Phishing Attacks: Time to See Who Has Been Hooked

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During my tenure as an IT executive in the banking sector, I experienced firsthand the frustration organizations face when they have been targeted by a phishing attack but are unable to learn much more than that. Read more

The Evolution of Advanced Threats: The 2019 Faces of Fraud Survey

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The latest edition of Cyxtera’s Faces of Fraud report, conducted with assistance from the Information Security Media Group (ISMG), collected responses from over 150 financial security leaders about fraud attack and protection trends. Read more

Combating the Rise in Account Takeovers

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Customer A is a creature of habit. He values order and tends to do things in the same way, from the same place, and normally around the same time. Read more

Why It’s Still Time to Kill the VPN

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Financial institutions aiming to implement a holistic security strategy must ensure that they focus not only on their external anti-fraud efforts, but also on their internal security. Read more

Risk Orchestrator

Taking a United Stance Against Fraud

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The fraud security industry is always evolving to keep up with the latest threats and trends. There is, unfortunately, one constant: while the technology is quick to adapt, implementation and adjustment times are notoriously slow. Read more