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Coronavirus and Cyberattacks: Tips to Keep your Customers Secure

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Fraud attacks are now on the rise, with malicious actors launching targeted phishing and malware attacks, capitalizing on the Coronavirus pandemic. Having a strong cybersecurity strategy in place has never been more critical.  

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Digital Trust: One Mishandled Attack Can Bring it Down in a Flash

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The majority of financial institutions have made the digital transformation – offering online banking through their website or on mobile applications.

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Fraud Predictions 2020

Fraud Predictions: What Do The Cards Hold for 2020?

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Over the past year there have been some incredible advancements in cybersecurity. Read more

5 Top Cybersecurity Questions (and Their Answers)

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It’s no secret that in the anti-fraud world, too many organizations are being victimized by advanced attacks that their antiquated security strategies are unequipped to tackle. Read more

Fraud Trends

From Fraud’s Front Lines: 5 Trends You Need to Know About

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Here at Cyxtera, we take in pride in our machine learning technology that helps us find and take down the vast majority of phishing websites almost as soon as they go live. But for some stubborn attacks, nothing beats a human touch. Read more

Detect Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing: More Than a Solution to a Problem

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Over the years, one of the most common things we have heard from community banks and credit unions is that they are not the target of phishing, malware, or email spoofing. Read more

Digital Transformation

How to Keep Your Bank’s Digital Transformation Fraud-Free

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We have long passed the inflection point on the digital transformation. To be a bank in 2019 is to be a digital bank as well, period. Read more

Deep Learning

Hunting Malicious Certificates with Deep Learning

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Seeing the signature green padlock and “https” in the browser bar means one thing for most internet users: safety. However, is this sense of security justified?  Read more

Fraud Predictions

Fraud Predictions: What's in Store for 2019?

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The best way to predict the future is to study the past,
and while cybercrime is a relatively new criminal endeavor,
it has been around long enough for the experts at Cyxtera
to look into their Magic 8 Ball™ and make some well-
informed predictions about what’s in store for 2019.

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When Chatbots are Fraudbots: Who Are Your Users Chatting With?

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Today’s fraud landscape presents a plethora of potential attack vectors, and criminals are always coming up with more.

Chatbots, a feature found on a variety of sites, present a new vector that has encouraged attackers to turn their attention to the profit potential of this well-meaning tool. Read more