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Phone fraud scams

1-900-FRAUD: When Fraudsters Come Calling

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Hackers. Fraudsters. Shysters. No matter what name society has given them they’ve been around since time immemorial, banking on the fact (pun intended) that there’s a sucker born every minute.And while each of us likes to think that Read more

Mobile Fraud Management Solutions Vendor

Easy Solutions Included in Mobile Fraud Management Solutions Vendor Landscape Research Report

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We're proud to announce that we have been included among mobile fraud management solution vendors Read more

FFIEC Cybersecurity Guidance

New Recommendations From FFIEC on Extortion Attacks

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Recently, the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC) provided a new joint statement notifying financial institutions of the increasing frequency Read more

Massive Phishing Email CampaignMassive Phishing Email Campaign

Massive Phishing Email Campaign Affecting Major Bank Detected by DMARC Compass

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For a while now, we have been talking about the importance of businesses taking back control of their email channel, to minimize the impact of phishing attacks against their brand and end-users. Since its inception, DMARC Compass® Read more

OPM Breach notifications change course

OPM Breach Notifications Change Course - It’s Time to Rethink Identity

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A few months ago, when the OPM breach first hit, and the OPM said it would leverage a third-party to send out notification emails to affected individuals about the compromise, we warned of the dangers of this approach. Read more

email business compromise

CEO Fraud Up 270% to $1.2B - Here's How It Almost Happened to Us

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Earlier this month, we published a post on how scammers tried to impersonate our CEO's email, to convince our CFO to make fraudulent payments to a compromised account. Now, the FBI has released updated statistics, showing that we are definitely not alone. As Krebs on Security reports:  Read more

FORTUNE: Banks Put Hacked Credit Cards on Watch Lists to Help Reduce Fraud Costs

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Fortune Magazine penned an article recently, on how banks are putting hacked credit cards on 'watch lists', rather than canceling them immediately, thereby helping banks (and therefore their end users), reduce the overall cost of fraud to an organization. As our CEO, Ricardo Villadiego, notes in the article, '"Fraud is a numbers game.” Read more

growing spear phishing

Leveraging DMARC to Combat Growing Spear Phishing and Insider Attacks

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For the greater part of 2015, both the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service have issued warnings that 2015 could be the year of Spear Phishing. Recently, the U.S. Secret Service issued a new bulletin, warning again that they are seeing a “significant increase in the frequency, sophistication, and fraud losses” associated with these new attacks. Read more

OPM Breach

OPM Breach: From Bad to Worse

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Last week, millions of government employees were probably quite nervous to hear that their personal data had been stolen by hackers (likely from China), who gained access to a trove of data from the Office of Personnel Management. This week, the same office is opening up even more government employees to more risk, based on their response to the breach. The OPM announced that they will notify all impacted individuals by email, which makes not only the affected individuals, but also anyone else who is worried that they might be affected, now a ripe target for a phishing attack.

Read more

HCE, APIs and Mobile Payment Apps - A New Opportunity for Fraudsters

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Over the past six months, there have been a number of changes in the way the big payment and mobile technology players have approached security for payment apps.

It had been widely anticipated that the launch of Apple Pay in October 2014 would have a big impact, in part due to the technical aspects of the service. Expectations that the launch would disrupt Read more