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DMARC Webinar

Webinar: Who is Using Your Domain for Phishing & Spam?

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Phishing costs businesses over $2 Billion in losses every year, but email remains a critical communication channel. DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is a free standard that stands to change all that by providing visibility into email flows, telling email receivers to delete spoofed messages, and ensuring that only legitimate emails are delivered to inboxes from protected domains.

In this session, our CTO Dan Ingevaldson will cover: Read more

Fraud Intelligence Portal

The New Easy Solutions Customer Portal Streamlines Fraud Detection and Prevention

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We often hear fraud managers being dissatisfied with their current anti-fraud posture and believing that comprehensive protection is overly complicated and overly expensive. Not only is integrating separate solutions from a variety of vendors difficult, costly and time consuming, but oftentimes different services from the same vendor are nearly Read more

How Deep Does the Web Go?

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Like an iceberg, a large portion of the Internet is obscured from easy view. That’s right. It is literally a “hole” new world. This unindexed section of the Internet is dubbed “the Deep Web” and more and more criminal activity is moving away from the light of day and into to the shadowy corners.

Today, the Deep Web has evolved and has turned into an immense information-sharing tool that is making it easier for criminals to do their job more thoroughly. Read more

DMARC Compass Explorer - DMARC Readiness Assessment Tool

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Last November, we launched a new product called DMARC Compass.  DMARC Compass is designed to provide organizations with instant visibility into how many criminals are using their domain to send spam and phishing attacks. DMARC Compass has been a huge success and early feedback from our clients has been extremely positive. Read more

Fraud Intelligence Report Templates Now Available with Detect Monitoring Service

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Fraud managers spend a staggering amount of time making sense of the data resulting from fraud intelligence tools. The newest version of our proactive fraud intelligence and brand protection solution, Detect Monitoring Service, now allows fraud managers to build customized reports with all of the anti-fraud information that Detect Monitoring Service collects, personalized to meet their specific needs. Read more

Dating Site Breached: 20M Credentials Stolen

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A hacker calling himself “Mastermind” is claiming to be in possession of over 20 million credentials for an unnamed dating site. These credentials are claimed to be 100% valid in a posting to a paste site. Included in the list are over 7 million credentials from Hotmail, 2.5 million from Yahoo and 2.2 million from Read more

DMARC Compass Offers New Powerful Features

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Easy Solutions is committed to supporting the emerging DMARC email authentication standard to help our customers communicate confidently and securely with their customers. We listened to your feedback and included some key features in this DMARC Compass™ release that improve performance, usability and management. Read more

Phishing Attacks Rise Again During the Holidays – Even for DMARC Protected Brands

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It is no secret that phishing attacks are growing in scope and the reason is quite simple: they are still effective. For the past several years, we have seen a marked increase in the number of email driven phishing scams that coincide with the holidays. Below you’ll find an email-driven phishing scam which shows a notification from FedEx—we’ve seen this with other brand-recognized delivery couriers like UPS and DHL. You can view the US-CERT advisory here. In this instance, the notification indicates that FedEx was unable to deliver a package because there was nobody available to sign for it. Once the recipient clicks on the invoice, the phishing attack is launched. With this kind of attack, the company purported to be sending the message is also a victim as the brands themselves become associated with fraudulent activities. Read more

2015 Fraud Outlook – Mobile Heats Up, EMV Not the Promised Land

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2015 Fraud Outlook Most of us in the business of fighting fraud understand it is and will be an ever-changing challenge. And we expect 2015 to be no different, unfortunately. One of the most difficult expectations placed on fraud organizations is the anticipation of where fraud will occur and how often. In an effort to help you understand what the fraud landscape might look like in the year ahead, I have outlined some considerations that should be understood along with suggestions on how they should be addressed. Read more

A Practical Guide to Leverage DMARC

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Guide to Leverage DMARC

This week we launched a new addition to the Total Fraud Protection platform—DMARC CompassTM. DMARC Compass is a cloud-based service that was built to fill a giant, gaping hole in most anti-fraud programs and to provide huge and wide-ranging benefits to infosec, marketing, advertising, legal and sales teams. The problem with B2B or B2C email is two-fold—email is critical and nobody trusts it, especially with 100 billion pieces of spam sent on a daily basis. Read more