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Digital Trust: One Mishandled Attack Can Bring it Down in a Flash

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The majority of financial institutions have made the digital transformation – offering online banking through their website or on mobile applications.

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Risk Controller

Video Blog: Detect Safe Browsing Risk Controller

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Flexibility is an integral part of any strong fraud-monitoring service. The Risk Controller feature from Detect Safe Browsing Mobile allows financial institutions to create custom tolerance levels for risk factors affecting their end-users Read more

Fake news and digital trust

Fake News and Digital Trust: How to Take Back Control of the Web from Cybercriminals

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Last year was an unprecedented time for cyber security and fraud with a record number of exploited vulnerabilities and high-profile breaches. Read more

New FFIEC Guidance

New FFIEC Guidance: Financial Institutions Must Look Closer at Mobile Banking Security

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If they haven’t already done so—or haven’t done so in a while– financial institutions in the United States will need to take a fresh look Read more

Mobile Fraud Management Solutions Vendor

Easy Solutions Included in Mobile Fraud Management Solutions Vendor Landscape Research Report

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We're proud to announce that we have been included among mobile fraud management solution vendors Read more

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Millennials and Banking: Finding a Balance Between Security and Convenience (with Infographic)

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There’s been a lot of chatter recently about Millennials and their overall impact on the global economy. Read more

Acecard: Mobile Banking’s Newest Threat

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Reports from around the world have been detailing data theft from banking and messaging mobile apps, including Whatsapp, Facebook and SMS services over the last few months. Read more

iPhone with Apps

Apple App Store Hack - Reflections on Trusting Trust

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Apple's app review process is excellent at preventing malware from infiltrating their store, but last week proved even the best security practices can be overcome by inventive fraudsters. Read more

Risk of Major Mobile Banking Attack in the US Continues to Increase

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Over the last two years, we have seen a tremendous increase in mobile malware, which grew 167 percent in the past year, according to the June 2014 McAfee Labs Threat Report.

Here are two major reasons why mobile malware is increasingly the preferred method of attack for fraudsters:

1. As EMV technology is deployed in the US, the amount of fraud attributed to counterfeit cards will decrease.

2. Telecommunications providers will no longer allow premium text message services to bill customers, lowering the volume of fraud via premium SMS messages.

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Anatomy of a Hack - Mobile Banking Applications

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EasySol-Anatomy of a Hack 1One of the things that we do at Easy Solutions, to help protect banks from fraud, is perform passive monitoring on paste sites, social media sites, and the black market. We see all kinds of crazy things and we wanted to share this example. In the case below, we found what appeared to be source code for one of our client's mobile banking apps. We pay attention to this kind of thing because evidence of publication of source code can lead directly to increased attacks-especially as they relate to mobile apps.