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Building AI Applications Using Deep Learning

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Recently, we have seen a huge boom around the field of deep learning; it is currently being implemented in a wide variety of fields, from driverless cars to product recommendation. Read more

Classifying Phishing

Classifying Phishing URLs Using Recurrent Neural Networks

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Easy Solutions data scientists, including the author of this article, will present extensive research on the use of deep neural networks to detect phishing sites. Read more

anti-fraud technology predictions

2017 Emerging Anti-Fraud Technology Predictions

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The threat landscape continues to be ever changing and complicated, and 2017 will be no different. Some attacks that we saw emerge in 2016 will escalate, while new and dynamic fraud attacks will also emerge. As organizations try to stay one step ahead of today’s sophisticated cybercriminals, we will Read more

common misconceptions about probability

Think Like a Bayesian

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Part of the problem with prediction and probability is that a lot of people don’t understand the true nature of probability. The most common misconception about probability is the problem with “causation.” This occurs when a coin is flipped and lands on heads Read more

Fraud Data Scientist

Applying Data Science to Fraud Prevention

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Eighty thousand Kindle users. Sixty-five million Tumblr users. What do they have in common? Both groups had their login credentials breached, courtesy of hackers. While these attacks didn't directly target financial Read more