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Social Media Breaches

Personal Social Media Breaches Today Will Cause Business Headaches Tomorrow

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This week, techies and non-techies alike scrambled to learn the ins and outs of what transpired between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, a political firm hired by the Trump campaign that acquired access to private data on millions of Facebook users. Read more

From Real-Time Learning to Reinforcement Learning with Asynchronous Feedback

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Online, or real-time, transactional fraud detection systems have recently created quite the buzz in the info security industry. Read more


Why Combatting Phishing and External Threats Require More Than Just DMARC

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Email authentication is a pillar to effective digital threat protection, but it shouldn’t stand alone. The latest example solidifying the need to go beyond authenticating emails comes from an attack leveraging the United States Postal Service (USPS) brand. Read more

Proactive fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention: Driving Innovation as Digital Transactions Grow Exponentially

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We’ve all heard the phrase “the best defense is a good offense.” The analogy proves as true on the football field as it does in the field of online fraud prevention. Too many instances exist where companies rush to implement Read more


Leveraging the Power of Email Authentication – Part 2: Using DKIM to Enable DMARC

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This article is Part 2 of our “Leveraging the Power of Email Authentication” series. Read Part 1: What is DMARC? and Part 3: Implementing DKIM

What is DKIM?

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication mechanism that allows an email receiver Read more

AdWords phishing schemes

When AdWords Attack: Another Method of Phishing

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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the effectiveness of Google AdWords and are using the ads for phishing schemes.As recently as two years ago, more than a third of Google Read more

FFIEC Assessment Tool

Fervor Over "Voluntary" FFIEC Assessment Tool: What Your FI Needs to Know

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Banks, holding companies and other financial institutions are calling on the FFIEC to make changes to its Cybersecurity Assessment Tool Read more

DMARC Compass Explorer - DMARC Readiness Assessment Tool

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Last November, we launched a new product called DMARC Compass.  DMARC Compass is designed to provide organizations with instant visibility into how many criminals are using their domain to send spam and phishing attacks. DMARC Compass has been a huge success and early feedback from our clients has been extremely positive. Read more

A Practical Guide to Leverage DMARC

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Guide to Leverage DMARC

This week we launched a new addition to the Total Fraud Protection platform—DMARC CompassTM. DMARC Compass is a cloud-based service that was built to fill a giant, gaping hole in most anti-fraud programs and to provide huge and wide-ranging benefits to infosec, marketing, advertising, legal and sales teams. The problem with B2B or B2C email is two-fold—email is critical and nobody trusts it, especially with 100 billion pieces of spam sent on a daily basis. Read more

New DetectTA Offers Innovative Fraud Alert Review Process

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Fraud Alert ReviewThe Total Fraud Protection team at Easy Solutions is delighted to announce that the latest version of our transaction monitoring solution, DetectTA, is now available. DetectTA’s new capabilities include an innovative fraud alert review process and case management resources aimed at increasing fraud detection rates and giving users more flexibility when investigating new cases of fraud. Read more