DMARC Compass Offers New Powerful Features

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Easy Solutions is committed to supporting the emerging DMARC email authentication standard to help our customers communicate confidently and securely with their customers. We listened to your feedback and included some key features in this DMARC Compass™ release that improve performance, usability and management. DMARC Compass 1.2 includes:

  • Improved performance from caching improvements and query optimization.
  • Enhanced “My Senders” view to allow for separate management tracking of both “Internal” and “3rd Party” senders.
  • DMARC data reporting modifications to more clearly demonstrate alignment/failure rates for DMARC, SPF and DKIM.
  • Logical grouping of multiple senders by IP space to manage DMARC reporting from large clustered senders.
  • Inclusion of reverse DNS for each sender record to improve sender management.
  • Ability to select and authorize or deauthorize multiple senders at a time.

We are excited to continue to provide powerful new features to the DMARC Compass product to make your transition to authenticated email as quick and painless as possible. Please keep the suggestions coming!

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