Easy Solutions Detect Monitoring Service Gets an Upgrade

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Good news for customers of Easy Solutions’ Detect Monitoring Service (DMS). Our team has been hard at work making a number of performance improvements as well as several new front-end enhancements to this important service. With this new upgrade, customers will be even better equipped to manage the entire lifecycle of phishing attacks via real-time monitoring and connections analysis.

Customers will be offered the new version of the DMS Customer Portal when entering a session for the first time. In addition to the benefits of greater security, incident detection, and platform stability, customers will realize some of the following benefits, including:

  • A two-step login process dividing the entry of the user name from the password, to provide enhanced spoofing protection (this divided log-in will in no way affect the log-in process in any other aspect – all user names and passwords will remain the same);
  • A streamlined new design for the DMS portal as well as for all incident reports and case histories. This will enable you to find the information you need even faster.

If you have any questions, need support, or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at DMS@easysol.net

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