Easy Solutions Detect Safe Browsing Has Been Upgraded

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The Total Fraud Protection team is happy to announce the release of the latest version of Detect Safe Browsing for Windows, our secure navigation solution for online banking on end-user devices. With this most recent upgrade, our customers will be even more prepared when fighting next-generation malware and browser attacks, further extending complete end-to-end fraud management and reducing account takeovers.

DSB version 4.1.0 for Windows offers a number of new features aimed at enriching your safe browsing experience, including:

1.  A series of new interactive graphics that permit the viewing of security incident and DSB usage statistics. Our new interactive charts enable:

  • An analysis of the information in each graph classified by the operating system customers use to run DSB.
  • The selection, filtering, isolation and comparison of data, including information about recent scans, user IPs, device user IDs, and much more.
  • The retrieval of information about all incidents and events from the past 12 months.

 2.  The introduction of the Lockbox for isolating malicious processes in the Windows version of DSB. Here’s how it works:

  • Any process that wants to connect to the Internet using a URL on the blacklist will automatically be blocked on the device running DSB and placed in the Lockbox, which quarantines all processes suspected of being malicious.
  • The URLs on the blacklist are placed there through the concept of Collaborative Protection, which uses any malicious process found on one device running DSB to provide fraud intelligence for the early detection and deactivation of sites hosting malware and attacks. This helps to reduce fraud across the entire customer population, even for those end users who don’t have DSB installed on their devices.
  • The end user can still make the final decision on whether to allow the process to connect to the Internet after being warned, though this is not recommended.

Also, Detect Safe Browsing version 4.0.3 for Mac has been released, and includes performance-enhancing platform changes that provide an essential gateway to the future product features we have planned down the line.

If you have any questions, need support, or would like to provide feedback about the new versions of Detect Safe Browsing, please contact us at support@easysol.net.

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