Easy Solutions’ DetectTA Has Been Upgraded

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One of the biggest challenges when it comes to transaction anomaly detection is managing the large amount of alerts and cases that these solutions tend to generate. Since every alert is a possible case of fraud, efficient management is crucial for following up on cases in a timely manner before any attacks can be perpetrated.

With that goal in mind, Easy Solutions is pleased to announce the release of DetectTA 2.0, the latest version of our transaction anomaly detection solution. DetectTA qualifies a transaction’s risk in real time, based on a heuristic profile of the user’s behavior that the product is learning over time. DetectTA 2.0 now includes a comprehensive case management system and interactive dashboard, enabling organizations to centralize the fraud investigation process from within DetectTA and get an instant overview of key risk areas at a glance.



The new case management capabilities allow DetectTA customers to oversee task allocation to different agents and access detailed reporting on all alerts from one customizable interface. Using the new case management feature, DetectTA customers can:

  • Classify fraud alerts into groups for easy assignment and reference.
  • View and modify detailed information about all individual cases.
  • Examine cases at the supervisor level to scrutinize and follow up on all currently open alerts and cases.
  • Personalize reports with information about all cases in the DetectTA portal in the .csv format, for export to other systems.


The new customizable and interactive dashboard has a variety of informative charts and graphs analyzing information related to transactions and alerts. These charts are updated every 10 seconds with the latest information, giving your business an instant snapshot of how fraud is being managed at that particular moment. Information rendered graphically on the DetectTA dashboard includes:

  • Active alerts, classified by group and/or current case status within a particular group
  • Alerts and cases that have exceeded a configurable time limit for being closed
  • All evaluated transactions, classified by risk level, date and type of filter that prompted the evaluation
  • Alerts recently closed, classified by group and reason for closing
  • The amount of money DetectTA stopped from being lost to fraud, classified by which filter helped to prevent the fraud, enabling easy justification of the investment

DetectTA 2.0 gives your business the ability to conveniently manage fraud cases and obtain detailed reporting and analytics, so that your company’s risk management team can focus on investigating and stopping fraud. If you would like to learn more about the real-time risk qualification provided by DetectTA, please contact us at  info@easysol.net or take a look at our website located at http://www.easysol.net/newweb/Products/Detect-TA.

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