New DetectTA Offers Innovative Fraud Alert Review Process

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Fraud Alert ReviewThe Total Fraud Protection team at Easy Solutions is delighted to announce that the latest version of our transaction monitoring solution, DetectTA, is now available. DetectTA’s new capabilities include an innovative fraud alert review process and case management resources aimed at increasing fraud detection rates and giving users more flexibility when investigating new cases of fraud.

New features in the most recent version of DetectTA include:

  • New DetectTA Deployment Option

The standard DetectTA alert-based deployment option categorizes an alert by the type of activity that initiated it. Our new transaction-based DetectTA deployment option doesn’t let a transaction get processed until all alerts that were initiated for it are closed. Under this system, operations, fraud investigations, and AML groups can be more thorough and deliberate before permitting a transaction to be processed. Organizations that process asynchronous transactions are especially well-suited to take advantage of this new form of DetectTA.

  • Improved Architecture for Streamlined Real-Time Integration with Wire Processing Systems

Using off-the-shelf connectors, DetectTA can easily be connected to wire data sources such as queuing systems or sockets. This architecture will allow for faster time-to-market that can quickly prevent fraud without incurring incremental development costs.

  • Support for Raw NACHA Files

DetectTA no longer requires any third-party systems integration to analyze the debit or credit transactions that are included in NACHA origination files, regardless of their ACH origination or posting system.

  • IP Geolocation Support

DetectTA now supports IP geolocation as part of the data set that can be used to craft rules and suspicious activity analyzers or throw alerts, as well as be applied to the heuristic engine that learns user behavior and habits. This is especially useful for those who need to facilitate the leveraging of legacy anomaly detection solutions that may already be in place or that are being removed with the adoption of DetectTA.

  • Two New Real-Time Analyzers

The real-time analyzers that look for anomalous behavior now include two new ways to uncover fraud: an analyzer that looks for whether new and different origination points are used to perform transactions and take out money (Different Origin Point Used), and another analyzer that determines whether a customer is using a new or different payment channel to perform a transaction (Different Payment Channel Used). These new analyzers greatly expand the amount of fraud that organizations will be able to detect.

  • Option to Add Attachments to Cases

Customers can now add attachments to DetectTA’s comprehensive internal case management system, helping organizations to consolidate the tools and locations of fraud incidents and the case-specific information necessary for supporting or denying claims. Any evidence that might be compiled in investigating a fraud case, such as images, camera footage, receipts and legal documents can be uploaded to make case histories as detailed as possible.

If you would like to learn more about the real-time risk qualification provided by DetectTA, please watch are video below, contact us at or take a look at our website located at

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