Fraud Intelligence Report Templates Now Available with Detect Monitoring Service

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Fraud managers spend a staggering amount of time making sense of the data resulting from fraud intelligence tools. The newest version of our proactive fraud intelligence and brand protection solution, Detect Monitoring Service, now allows fraud managers to build customized reports with all of the anti-fraud information that Detect Monitoring Service collects, personalized to meet their specific needs.

Using a new dynamic report template creation interface, data can be sorted to emphasize whatever information is most relevant to your particular fraud environment. These reports can be generated and viewed from within the portal, with the option to download a copy in a PDF file.

The reports that Detect Monitoring Service produces offer a detailed picture of your current and historical fraud environment. Below you will find the kind of data Detect Monitoring Service can generate, in analytical charts and graphs providing information ready to be consumed:

  • Number of tickets currently open
  • Average attack deactivation time
  • Number of connections to your website
  • Number of attacks, broken down by type
  • Number of high-risk connections
  • Percentage of attacks taken down proactively, before a customer even knew one was happening

Here are some examples of how these charts and tables would look:

- The chart below keeps track of Detect Monitoring Service’s response time in shutting down attacks. In this example, over 80% of attacks were removed from the web in under 4 hours. With the new personalized report templates, you can generate this information for whatever period of time you want.

Fraud Intelligence Report

- The table below presents detailed information about every ticket that Detect Monitoring Service generates in response to a possible security incident. These lists can get long, and depending on who needs to see your reports, you may choose to omit and include a graph summarizing ticket amounts instead.

Fraud Intelligence Report

This is just a small fraction of the information that Detect Monitoring Service can put at your fingertips. To learn more about how you can generate Detect Monitoring Service reports according to parameters that you choose to set, please take a look at the video below for a quick tour of the new report template creation interface:

If you’d like to know more about the real-time fraud intelligence, brand management, compromised card monitoring and rogue app takedown provided by Detect Monitoring Service, take a look at our website or drop us a line at

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