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Ninety-one percent of cybercrimes and attacks start with a phishing URL capable of making serious inroads in a matter of minutes. Not all attacks, however, are created equal; even hackers would agree. They launch thousands of attacks, effectively betting on which ones will get clicked on.

It’s no wonder then that organizations find themselves challenged to protect against threats that they don’t even know about. In order to win the fight against cybercrime, it’s vital that enterprises are armed with every possible tool to allow them to discover—and immediately defend against—attacks on their brand and sensitive data.

Knowing, for instance, which attacks hackers are betting on helps organizations prioritize takedowns. If you're able to quickly take down the ones that people actually click on, that's valuable in and of itself. But, even better, it also discourages attackers from hitting you again as a target as it creates a higher production cost for them. Up until now, though, the question has always been: How, exactly, do you identify those attacks?
Enter Victim Insights, the latest feature to be included in our Digital Threat Protection Suite.
Victim Insights to the Rescue
Offering intelligence-based context on the victim and insights on compromised credentials, Victim Insights gives companies the right tools to increase their protection against external threats, and arms them with actionable data that will strengthen their plan of action for each subsequent attack.
Now, thanks to the Victim Insights feature, organizations can gather additional context on malicious links, including who clicked on a malicious link. Further, they have access to the number of end users who:

  • opened the communication containing a phishing attack,
  • clicked on the malicious URL, and
  • entered personal information.

Endorsed by the American Bankers Association, Digital Threat Protection disrupts, deters, and removes 50 percent more external threats in a third of the time. Combining comprehensive coverage, unique detection and intelligence, and automated takedown, Digital Threat Protection offers a unique approach to combat attacks from the beginning – enabling organizations to focus on the future, not the fear of fraud.
Learn more about Digital Threat Protection’s newest feature.

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