How Do You Stop Mobile Banking Fraud? Addressing Key Security Issues in Mobile Banking

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Mobile banking presents an attractive way for banks to improve their relationships with their customer, serving them wherever they go. But with major security breaches and fraud incidents making headlines, financial institutions are taking steps to address the growing problems of advanced persistent threats and fraud in online and mobile banking channel.

Traditional security technologies lack the advanced capabilities and visibility required to detect and protect against such mobile threats. But mobile banking is complex, and the threats even more so. Organizations must take a layered approach to reduce the risks of enabling mobile banking for their customer base.

Easy Solutions takes a multi-layered approach to mobile anti-fraud. “Easy Solutions Mobile” provides unique threat and risk detection, combining proactive end-point protection and user authentication with analytical insights on all the mobile devices accessing your mobile banking ecosystem. The solution allows financial institutions to leverage device analytics to raise the visibility across the mobile ecosystem, allowing for a reduction of false-positives while detecting true fraudulent access. The unique combination of analytics and proactive protection helps financial institutions address advanced persistent threats and fraud attacks, and consequently increase the money movement capabilities in your institution’s mobile banking system.

Key Capabilities of Easy Solutions Mobile:

•             Mobile Device Intelligence and Analytics

•             Device Identification

•             Push Authentication and Push Transaction Verification

•             Collaborative Protection

•             Embeddable Software for Mobile Apps

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