Improved Dashboard Makes Monitoring Digital Threats Easier

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Easy Solutions recently updated its customer portal with the goal of improving user experience and better tracking the effectiveness of our Digital Threat Protection solutions. Our Total Fraud Protection team made several improvements, but the most significant was to our dashboard. It is now easier for users to understand threat information so they can make informed decisions about how to fight fraud in the future based on current data and trends.

How the Dashboard Facilitates Digital Threat Protection

Our dashboards visualize the evolution of digital threats: They take enormous amounts of data and translate that data into valuable charts, graphs and other visual methods of measurement. The data illustrates how fraud protection actions change landscapes and often cause fraudster reactions.

For example, our dashboard might show that a brand experienced fewer phishing attacks, but at the same time more rogue mobile applications leveraged the legitimate brand’s identity. This intel derived from the dashboard gives the user a comprehensive view of the ever-changing fraud landscape. It also allows users to develop future digital threat protection strategies based on the trends the dashboard displays.

Components of the Improved Easy Solutions Dashboard

Here is what the latest version of our dashboard can do:

  • Trace attack tickets trends, including volume by source, category and takedown status.
  • Assess the impact of email fraud protection on reducing email spoofing (DMARC)
  • Send specific email alerts about new threats or when suspicious activity is identified.
  • Create customizable reports that can be exported.

DashBoard Table


DashBoard Graph

Dashboards Are Beneficial to All Organizations

It does not matter the size of a business or the type of threats it faces – every organization benefits from having access to a comprehensive solution that monitors threats and a dashboard that helps them consume the information. Leaders who do not think their company needs a system to visualize the outcomes of fraud protection measures are not proactively preparing for a future that consists of even more digital threats.

To find out more about how our state-of-the-art dashboard can help fight fraud, download the external threat protection datasheet.

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