In light of Target breach...the value of Black Market Monitoring

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Easy Solutions offers black-market monitoring as part of our Detect Monitoring Service (DMS) to provide our customers with early warning of massive credit/debit card breaches like the one announced by Target this morning.  Over 40 million cards compromised, probably the result of a systematic attack on Target’s payment infrastructure.

We started to detect that something was afoot on December 11th when DMS detected a massive increase (10-20x) in availability of high-value stolen cards on black-market sites.  Nearly every bank and CU in the US seems to be affected.  Unfortunately, there is very little that banks and credit unions can do to prevent these breaches, especially since the US is relying on ancient card technology.  Proactive detection with DMS can provide valuable time to fraud teams to assess exposure, react swiftly and control losses—before the story is on CNN.

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