New Version of DetectID Includes QR Code Registration, Enhanced PKI Encryption

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DID 9.11.14We’ve rolled out some new updates to our DetectID product line, including updates to our push authentication to provide you with a more secure and streamlined two-factor experience. Read more about a few of the updates below:

QR Code Registration Option

DetectID now offers device registration using QR codes for soft token and push authentication. QR Code generation and delivery is supported on the iOS and Android platforms through an SDK or the DetectID app. The QR Code is scanned automatically, using the camera on the device, and the token is immediatelyimported and ready to use for receiving instant push authentication messages.

Device Activation by SMS

Activation Codes to register devices for soft tokens and push authentication can now be delivered by SMS. This provides an extra layer of protection to the device activation process by taking it out-of-band, and allows customers to activate DetectID on a wider range of devices.

PKI Architecture Enhancements

We have boosted our PKI architecture for push authentication with additional security around the key pairs. DetectID is now accompanies key pairs with a proprietary unique identifier to individually recognize the device based on its particular hardware characteristics, mitigating against possible key pair theft.

Android Push Authentication without Opening your App

DID 1.9 supports a new more intuitive version of push authentication for Android. Push authentication can now be performed directly from the Android notifications feed without opening the related application, in both the DetectID app and any application with the DetectID SDK embedded inside.

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Challenge Question Sets

Administrators can create multiple sets of challenge question for end users to choose from when registering into your application. This can be useful when you want to create the same set of challenge questions in different languages, for example.

If you would like to know more about the simple and trusted omni-channel multi-factor authentication provided by DetectID, please take a look at our website at or get in touch with us at

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