The New Easy Solutions Customer Portal Streamlines Fraud Detection and Prevention

Fraud Intelligence Portal
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We often hear fraud managers being dissatisfied with their current anti-fraud posture and believing that comprehensive protection is overly complicated and overly expensive. Not only is integrating separate solutions from a variety of vendors difficult, costly and time consuming, but oftentimes different services from the same vendor are nearly impossible to effectively integrate. Even if you do manage to get two solutions working concurrently, you have to flip back and forth between different portals that don’t share information and are essentially silos of walled-off data. With so many moving pieces, it’s a chore just to figure out of which tool has the crucial piece of information you need to stop an attack in progress. And every second you’re digging through a mountain of data and alerts is another second not used to stop an attack.

We are responding to customer needs for simplification with a single tool to manage the wide and expanding array of capabilities to protect large, growing and vulnerable end-user populations. As part of our ongoing effort to further unify the Total Fraud Protection platform and incorporate threat detection, malware management and attack takedown all within a single view, we are proud to unveil the Easy Solutions Customer Portal. Now external threat management and anti-fraud teams can visualize the current threat environment facing millions of end users, track incidents and manage attack takedown within one workflow. This allows customers to quickly assess their overall fraud protection posture and coordinate risk-based response to phishing campaigns, malware outbreaks or other brand or customer-targeted attacks in real time, before any money can be stolen. The new portal simultaneously relieves two common sources of pain for anti-fraud security customers—effectively managing complex and changing end-user threats and reducing operational complexity—by coordinating incident response and threat takedown through a central ticketing system, consolidated notifications and open REST APIs that facilitate smooth integration.

portal streamlines fraud detection

In addition, the Easy Solutions Customer Portal provides customers with access to a dynamic report template creation interface, permitting customers to design and personalize reporting to suit their specific needs and shifting requirements. These reports can be generated and viewed from within the portal, with the option to download a copy in a pdf file. Data that doesn’t apply to your particular anti-fraud strategy can be edited out, so that your organization decides which information is relevant, as opposed to the vendor that may not share the same exact security priorities and goals. The Easy Solutions Customer Portal is a robust and convenient self-service tool that puts real-time decision-making for the fraud protection environment in one convenient and powerful place. To learn more about how the Easy Solutions Customer Portal makes fraud detection and prevention more efficient, take a look at the datasheet here or get in touch with us at

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