Push Authentication Gets More Secure and Convenient

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The latest release of Easy Solutions’ DetectID authentication platform has enhanced its push authentication technology to include more options and features, making it the most convenient, intelligent and trusted mobile two-factor solution on the market. The new features in this latest version include:

  • Secure QR Code Authentication: In addition to push authentication, organizations will now have the option to allow customer login or sign transactions using QR Codes. Following our strong security architecture, QR codes are encrypted and can only be scanned by authorized devices. Users simply capture the QR code with their authorized mobile device and can instantly log into an application or validate a transaction. QR scanning also permits the generation of a One-Time Passcode (OTP) to authenticate when data networks are offline, making it a great fallback authentication process.

Push Authentication

  • Push Authentication without Systems Integration: Our platform now allows an organizations' employees to manually trigger push notifications sent to customers to approve high-risk transactions. This type of deployment is also ideal for offline confirmation of transactional activity, including such options as call-back verification, faxed wire requests or transaction requests through call centers. Authorized employees can select which user/account will receive a push message to approve transactions and also compose the notification text to include detailed transaction information. Customers can register for the service by entering an activation code in the DetectID Mobile Application (Custom branding is available).
  • Samsung S5 Fingerprint: Last month, we added support for TouchID into our mobile authentication framework. We are now adding support for the Samsung S5 Fingerprint to provide additional convenience and security when responding to a push authentication request or unlocking soft token codes, which greatly increases the trust level of the user’s identity compared to a PIN code.
  • IOS 8 Interactive Notifications: At Easy Solutions, we think that the improvements to the push notification format in IOS 8 are the best ones since Apple first introduced them. We are now supporting this new format, and end-users will now be able to respond to messages from their device lock screens and within the notification center. This enables users to customize their content experience and respond to push notifications faster.

Push Authentication

  • Simpler Device Activation: In addition to the existing invisible or QR Code activation options, push authentication now allows activation through a URL delivered by email/SMS. Now, instead of copying and pasting the activation code, customers can just click on the activation URL and register their device. The functionality also allows organizations to require end users to accept the terms and conditions agreement when registering the device for the push authentication service.

If you would like to know more about our trusted interactive mobile authentication, take a look at our Push Authentication website at http://www.easysol.net/products/easy-sol-solutions/push-authentication and read our white paper about Push located here: http://bit.ly/wpdidpush

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