New Version of Browsing Solution Includes Splash Screens, User Identifier Capture

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Detect Safe Browsing (DSB), our secure browsing solution, now makes it even easier to defend users against the advanced malware that enables man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks. Previous editions of Detect Safe Browsing enabled organizations to get real-time visibility into the security of the end-user device, including information on whether the device contained any malware that might give cybercriminals the ability to perform fraudulent transactions.The latest version of Detect Safe Browsing for Windows builds on this bird’s-eye view of the end-user fraud environment, giving organizations more options to expand the number of customers protected by the solution. This streamlines the process for identifying and mitigating the damage caused by malware-infected devices.

Here’s what’s new in the most recent edition of Detect Safe Browsing:

  • Splash screens for maximizing adoption - Easy Solutions now provides the ability to offer the Detect Safe Browsing client to your end users via “splash” screens. The splash message is a tried and tested vehicle for expediting adoption in a way that’s simple for your customers to understand and accept. The splash message is presented only to customers who are not running the client software, and it can be customized by organizations to require its installation (usually for commercial users).

splash screens safe browsing

  • User Identifier Capture - Your organization will now be able to identify the username of the customer being targeted by any detected malware, phishing and pharming incidents detected. This empowers organizations to more quickly identify the end-user being attack and make faster and more informed decisions about when to restrict the end-user transaction workflow due to device infection.

If you would like to find out more about the end-user malware protection and real-time session risk qualification provided by Detect Safe Browsing, please visit our website at or drop us a line at

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