Webinar: FFIEC Announces Cybersecurity Assessments. Is Your Bank Prepared?

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dsi-webinarCybersecurity risks remain the same for all financial institutions, regardless of size or resources. The FFIEC recently announced that examiners will be conducting "state of cybersecurity assessments" this summer, specifically targeting community banks. Examiners want to ensure that cybersecurity is engrained into the culture of all financial institutions, and that management is well aware of the risks. This webinar will provide cutting-edge insights into the latest fraud trends, and teach you how to strengthen your fraud program in a way that not only meets, but surpasses compliance.

What You Will Learn:

  • Current fraud trends impacting community banks and credit unions, citing specific examples.
  • Beyond financial loss, what are hard and soft costs incurred after a fraud incident?
  • Available anti-fraud technologies to combat fraud and satisfy FFIEC compliance.

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