Webinar Replay: The Fraud Economy

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Fraud Economy WebinarAlmost every day we hear of a new retailer that has experienced a data breach, frustrating financial institutions that must then deal with the fall-out. According to the recent Faces of Fraud survey, conducted by ISMG, over 70% of financial institutions were impacted by the Target breach last December alone. But how does the fraud economy work? What exactly happens to all this data that is stolen? How is it sold, and what is it worth?

In this 45-minute session, I do a deep dive about how fraudsters cash in on stolen data after a retail breach, the value of data in the black markets, how organizations can protect their customers after breach and provide actionable insight on what to do.


Be sure to access this free webinar here: http://www.easysol.net/resources-the-fraud-economy and feel free to send your questions and feedback to webinars@easysol.net.

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